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225/255 vs 215/245, or PS4S in OEM sizes vs ?

Wheels and Tires by The Tire Rack Discussion about wheels and tires for the S2000.
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225/255 vs 215/245, or PS4S in OEM sizes vs ?

Old 01-10-2019, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Chuck S View Post
S-04 tires in "CR size" on my '06. 215f/255r.
Hell, those sizes have a bigger diameter difference than that between 225/245; except in the other direction. Eeeeenteresting.

Anyone care to drop some knowledge on my thinking below?
Originally Posted by vjarnot View Post
I was pretty much ruling that out due to the diameter differences between 225/45R17 and 245/40R17 ... 225/255 are a perfect match, 215/245 come pretty damn close; 225/245 are .3" off. Not particularly sure how big a deal that is, but that's my thinking.
215/255 is .4" larger diameter in back; 225/245 is .3" larger diameter in front.
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Old 01-10-2019, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Car Analogy View Post
On this car sidewall stiffness makes a huge difference, whereas on most any other car it barely makes any difference (except with ride comfort).

Wider front tires make turn in more sluggish.

Any modern max performance summer will far exceed the grip of the oem tires this cars suspension was designed around.

There is an argument to be made, that for the street, stock sizes with a max perf tire known for stiff sidewalls is an excellent choice. You may give up some possible grip over other choices, but those come with the downsides mentioned above..
Main problem wrt sidewall stiffness is that it's all based on vague (and typically conflicting) reports from random google results...

Regarding your OEM tires comment, not arguing, as I've been out of the game; but on my first S ... man, those S-02s were ****ing legendary (as far as oem tires go).
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Old 01-11-2019, 05:46 AM
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Diameters of 225F x 255R are indeed closer to the 215F x 245R "base" version and I may use 225F next tire replacement. (I've always wished Honda had a less plebeian model name. )

But, 215F x 255R are the CR tire sizes so Honda wasn't concerned about the 2% difference in diameters which do not bother either the ABS or traction control on these cars. The 255 rear tire rotates 13 times less per mile than the 215 front. I was concerned about this difference two years ago when I replaced the worn out RE-11A tires but that has proven to be a non-issue.

Bridgestone claims the recently released Extreme rated S0007A is the spiritual successor to my greatly missed RE-11A tires and sits in a niche between the RE-71R (jarringly stiff ride and an inordinate amount of noise) and Max rated S-04 (not quite as capable on the track as the Extreme Performance tires) according the Tire Rack tests and comparisons.

These tires are all priced within $100 for a set of four so that shouldn't be a consideration.

-- Chuck
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Old Yesterday, 04:57 PM
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I had 225 up front for a while. I did not like it at all. This was on an ap1 2002. I prefer narrower front tires for the street. Wider tires make the car sluggish as Car Analogy points out. I find the car much more enjoyable on the street with stock rubber width up front.

"It is not a track tire, but it is far and away the best street tire." With all due respect, this is a very significant exaggeration. The differences between the best max performance tires are minimal. Hardly worth a moments thought.
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Old Yesterday, 06:09 PM
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My philosophy, especially if you have a stiff suspension and a power adder, get a 245/45/17 tire. Ps4s even come in this size. The taller sidewall will absorb alot of ride harshness, also gives you 4% longer gearing so you can cruise at a slightly lower highway rpm. Plus lets be honest on factory rims and psi setting properly aligned the oem 245 tire does not have a full contact patch. If you go 255 the extra wideness does not improve contact much if at all. Taller 245 tire will actually give you a larger tire footprint improving your braking and acceleration grip. The slightly fatter sidewall actually looks good on an s2k imo.
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Is this a 400hp turbocharged car running NASA TT events? A more or less stock NA car running non-competitive track days? Or a street car?

There are very few performance tires in 17" diameter in 2019. This was an ultimate high-performance size in 1992. Still high-performance in 2004. Now a size for taxi cabs.

Many of the newest tires are primarily 19" and 20". However, there is still a good selection of 18" tires.

In 18" you can not only find 245/35 and 255/35, but 285/30, 295/30, 315/30, and even 335/30. And they can be made to fit with a little fender work and the right offset wheels.

However, for a street sports car, OEM 215/45 and 245/40 come in the P4S and work fine. Good handling, good performance. Racing NASA TT with 400hp-600hp? Then 315/30 and 335/30 Hoosier A7s look pretty good!
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