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chomdh 04-18-2019 03:46 AM

AP2 V1 Wheel Repair
I have had my 2004 S2000 since August of last year. The previous owner took good care of everything but the wheels have some curb rash near the outer edges where the wheel meets the tire. Is it possible to repair the wheels while maintaining the existing machined finish on the exterior surfaces or will they have to be completely repainted and lose the OEM appearance of machined + clear coat with the only paint being between the spokes?
I have thought about buying a set of replica AP2 V1 wheels from ebay, and actually have one front replica already, but would rather have OEM honda wheels all around, not replicas.

Conedodger 04-18-2019 05:59 AM

A good wheel repair shop can machine the surfaces and make them like new. Expect to pay $200+ per wheel.

chomdh 04-23-2019 03:09 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll call some local shops and see if they will do the machining. Some of the gouges might need to be filled with a bit of weld.
Then there's going to be an additional cost to have them clear coated after machining.

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