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S2000 Enthusiast Passes Away After Canyon Crash

S2KI.com Honda S2000 Fatal Accident Canyon Roads

A cautionary tale and morbid reminder to respect the road.

  Comments | By - January 22, 2018

Miata Hits S2000 on Track: Whose at Fault?

S2KI.com S2KI S2K S2000 Honda Spec Miata Track Accident Crash

S2000 driver feels slighted after pass goes wrong on race track. This story has blown up in the Southern California racing scene, prompting a massive debate on track etiquette. This S2000 driver attempted to pass a Miata on track at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. However, it seems that the Miata driver lacked awareness and ended up […] More »

  Comments | By - July 20, 2017

Driving through hidden accident traps

No matter how careful a driver may be, there is no silver bullet to avoid a road accident. There can be many reasons why an accident may occur. It could happen from obvious behavior like reckless driving, speeding, or running red lights, but even unforeseen conditions may create an accident, such as weather conditions, pedestrians, […] More »

  Comments | By - October 22, 2010

Video of the Week: Safety on Track

We’ve seen numerous racing accidents captured on camera. Those moments might look spectacular, but they can also be fatal. It’s very fortunate that many circuits have great safety standards to reduce such cases, protecting both the driver and the spectator. However, the opportunity to watch what goes behind the barrier which withstands the significant force […] More »

  Comments | By - April 16, 2010

The limited driving sense of safety

Have you ever got stuck on the street with a car right up your… rear bumper? Don’t get me wrong, no crash has been involved to make me shout out loud the following words. But I’m trying to restrain myself before I start the criticism to a significant number of drivers, especially ricers who want […] More »

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