S2K Challenge Series: Willow Springs International Motorsports Park

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Article by Edward Lee (600rr_rocket)

The third S2K Challenge race was held on March 6th, 2009 at the Streets of Willow track in the Willow Springs International Motorsports Park. This is a very challenging and technical road course, and very popular among S2000 drivers. It is 1.8mile course consisting of 12 tight turns, a chicane section, and two straightaways. Configuration ran counter-clockwise.

The story this time was the weather…COLD AND WINDY. Low’s in the morning was 34F (just two degrees above freezing) and highs reaching 57F. Winds reached gusts measuring 32mph! Track grip levels were VERY low in the morning, with cars sliding all over the place; the asphalt was icy to the touch. However, lap times decreased throughout the day and by the afternoon, grip levels on the track significantly improved.

Mike Tsay in Mod Class and Emilo Cervantes in Street Class were early favorites at the end of the qualifying sessions; with 1:25’s and 1:26’s respectively. After the S2K Challenge meeting where Aaron Bitterman (owner of Speedventures) explained the Time Attack format and rules, the participants grided in the pits and prepared for battle. The most impressive feat of the day was Emilo Cervantes’s performance. He clocked an amazing 1:25.754, a NEW street-tire record for an S2000 at Streets of Willow (CCW). Mike Tsay’s performance in Modified Class was equally commendable, shaving 1 second off his best qualifying time and clocking a blistering 1:24.750, the fastest S2000 of the entire day.

After all the S2K Challenge runs were completed, an awards ceremony was held.

Congratulations to all the winners!!! A breakdown of the event results and current series standings:

Street Class:

1st – Emilo Cervantes (949racing) – 1:25.754 – 10pts
$100 Gift Certificate for Hardtopguy.com

2nd – Dino Antonov (antonov) – 1:29.356 – 8 pts
Free Oil Baffle Pan from R&D Factory

3rd – Joel Perez (no screename) – 1:30.265 – 6pts
Free Oil Change (Motul oil and filter) from E-Autosports

4th – Nam Yoon (VitaRenovatio) – 1:31.951 – 5pts
5th – Dustin Dessero (ddess) – 1:32.943 – 4pts
6th – Jonathon Hayag (End You) – 1:33.604 – 3pts
7th – Samuel Jih (samsam5886) – 1:34.268 – 2pts
8th – Wytt Lusanandana (Wytt) – 1:35.723 – 1pts

Modified Class:

1st – Michael Tsay (dipstick) – 1:24.750 – 10pts
$100 Gift Certificate for Hardtopguy.com

2nd – Mark Tsai (colakitty) – 1:25.426 – 8 pts
Free Oil Baffle Pan from R&D Factory

3rd – William Chen (bellwilliam) – 1:26.160 – 6pts
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4th – Mark Sundberg (markhsz) – 1:26.789 – 5pts
5th – Yuyen Huang (jaku) – 1:27.068 – 4pts
6th – Kangwoo Park (ted park) – 1:28.973 – 3pts
7th – Ed Lee (600RR_Rocket) – 1:28.966 – 2pts
8th – Chris Elders (F20Kills) – 1:28.973 – 1pts

2009 S2K Challenge Current Standings

Street Class:

Emilo Cervantes (949racing) 30
Dino Antonov (antonov) 16
Nam Yoon (vita renovation) 14
Dustin Dessero (ddess) 9
Charles Ng (MiataCharles_HK) 8
Kevin Lui (terahertz) 6
Joel Perez 6
Kenny Tuey (innovation) 4
Jonathon Hayag (End You) 3
Filip Craciun (kinchu007) 2
Samuel Jih (samsam5886) 2
Jason Paul (jp555sovl) 1
Wytt Lusanandana (Wytt) 1

Modified Class:

Mark Tsai (colakitty) 26
Michael Tsay (dipstick) 18
Yuyen Huang (jaku) 17
Si Tang (nsxtasi) 15
Edward Lee (600rr_rocket) 10
Kangwoo Park (ted park) 10
William Chen (bellwilliam) 8
Mark Sundberg (markhsz) 5
Blue Santamaria (-outkast-) 3
Alex Peng (momofolio) 3
Chris Elders (F20Kills) 1

Unlimited Class:

Rylan Hazelton (krazik) 10
Tim Kuo (stinkytofu) 10
Robert Burch (rob.ok) 8

We would also like to thank all of our awesome Sponsors!!! cool.gif

Lastly, the next two S2K Challenge events will be held in April. The first will be at Thunderhill (March 11th, 2009) and Buttonwillow (April 18th, 2009)…see you all there!

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