“Stick” to the S2000

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The title although catchy, might be a bit misleading for what you’re about to read. We are in no way suggesting that you stick like glue to your S2000, but rather trying to ask how long it took you to learn how to shift a manual transmission.

Driving styles and learning-how-to-drive varies by continent and geographic region. It’s uncertain which style of transmission the majority of drivers use to learn to drive a car.

Driving schools in many countries include training courses with cars carrying a manual gearbox. However, this does not apply to the certain parts of the world, where a majority learn how to drive in a car equipped with an automatic transmission.

The Honda S2000 is equipped with a unique short shift transmission that smoothly joins together the engine and differential delivering all that power to the wheels. From a European perspective, I wonder if the S2000 was the first car you’ve ever driven with a manual transmission. If so, then did you feel as if you were hurting the gearbox until you mastered shifting the gears? How long did it take you to learn to drive a stick and did you learn by sticking it to the S2000?

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