2013 Speed Ventures S2K Challenge Series #1

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The inaugural Megan Racing S2K Challenge was held last Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park’s 13CW.  The big news for 2013 is a new suite of sponsors donating multiple prizes including cash, carbon splitters, rollbars, and fluid swaps, and other products and services.


Title Sponsor:  Megan Racing – $5,000
Gold Sponsor:  Wasp Composites – $2,000
Gold Sponsor:  Rockstar Garage – $2,000
Silver Sponsor:  Rising Star Motor – $500

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting the Challenge!

With rain in the forecast, competitors were hoping for the best… but morning fog and a light drizzle enveloped the track amidst a dense field of Buttonwillow’s signature clay/mud.  Every run group experienced multiple offs with several sessions cut short as the Speedventures crew valiantly wrestled cars out of the sludge.  Some deposits of mud dragged onto the course wouldn’t wash away, including a generous swath through the apex of the left hander in Cotton Corners.

Despite the harsh conditions, a strong field of new and veteran drivers entered this first event including nine in STREET, seven in MODIFIED, and seven in the revamped SUPER MODIFIED class.

As the drizzle subsided and the track dried out, Session 4 emerged as the defacto Do-or-Die session.  Random offs would also cut a few sessions short so the SV crew gridded up the S2Ks for a final run at the lead of Blue 4.  Here are the results:


  1. Jeff Ringer————2:02.896      Blue 4 – $60 Megan Voucher
  2. Joseph Jafry———2:05.532     Green 4 – $40 Megan Voucher
  3. Gary Yeung———–2:06.973     Green 4 – $20 Megan Voucher
  4. Mike Kang————-2:07.797     Blue 4
  5. Anthony Schifano–2:09.681     Red 4
  6. Marc Gabay———–2:13.007     Black 4
  7. Masa Tanaka———2:15.758    Black 4

  8. Lorenzo Tan———-2:27.566    Black 4

  9. Julius Tan————-2:27.665    White 4


  1. Michael Tsay———2:01.823    Blue 4 – $60 Megan Voucher and WASP Composites Splitter
  2. Brian Bengali———2:02.073    Blue 4 – $40 Megan Voucher
  3. Dustin Dessero——2:03.859    Blue 4 – $20 Megan Voucher
  4. Si Tang—————–2:04.191    Blue 4
  5. Douglas Chan——–2:06.313    Green 4
  6. Andrew McKelvey–2:10.904    Red 4
  7. Man Chun Chan—–2:17.983    Green 4


  1. Chris Elders————-2:00.376    Blue 4 – $60 Megan Voucher
  2. Ricky Kwan————-2:03.192    Red 4 – $40 Megan Voucher
  3. Dylan Huig—————2:05.729    Green 4 – $20 Megan Voucher
  4. Martin Riente———–2:06.700    Red 4
  5. Albert Gavieres———2:07.735   Red 4
  6. David Lara—————-2:13.576   Blue 4
  7. Justin Taylor————2:15.994    Red 3

 Congratulations to all the podium finishers!

Unfortunately, STOCK class’s lone participant was Ryan Delgrosso but he suffered a mechanical and had to withdraw.  Those prizes will go back into the pool.

Special thanks to our Title sponsor for this event, Megan Racing, who donated all the podium vouchers for this event:  http://www.meganracing.com/index.asp
Also, a special thank you to Wasp Composites who donated a $500 Carbon Composite splitter package for MODIFIED class P1 prize!  http://www.facebook.com/waspcomposites

We’ll have more prizes from our other featured sponsors to be announced as the next event approaches:
Rockstar Garage:  https://www.s2ki.com/s2000/user/108197-rockstar-garage
Rising Star Motor:  http://www.risingstarmotor.com/

Please let our Sponsors know how you feel about their support of our series!

Come join us for the Megan Racing S2K Challenge #2 at the Streets of Willow Springs on Sunday, February 10, 2013.

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Classing Rules discussion:

Classing questions?  Please PM desert tortoise, psychoazn, ddess, JJ1, or dipstick.
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Matte Dark Yellow

Matte Dark Yellow


That beard is real.  Don't ask me how I know.

That beard is real. Don’t ask me how I know.

Nice Rollers, Dustin!

Nice Rollers, Dustin!

Alex Lives!!!

Alex Lives!!!

Bill's beautifully fabricated brake ducts

Bill’s beautifully fabricated brake ducts

And what are YOU looking at... ?

And what are YOU looking at… ?

Full Aero = Faero

Full Aero = Faero

Ringer, shouldn't you be towing right now?

Ringer, shouldn’t you be towing right now?


Wasp Composites splitter survives the Buttonwillow mud test.

Wasp Composites splitter survives the Buttonwillow mud test.

Why so clean?

Why so clean?


One is wanted for questioning...

One is wanted for questioning…

(L to R) SUPER MODIFIED P3 Dylan Huig and P1 Chris Elders.  P2 Ricky Kwan stunt double is Aaron.

(L to R) SUPER MODIFIED P3 Dylan Huig and P1 Chris Elders. P2 Ricky Kwan stunt double is Aaron.

(L to R) MODIFIED P3 Dustin Dessero, P1 Mike Tsay, and P2 Brian Bengali

(L to R) MODIFIED P3 Dustin Dessero, P1 Mike Tsay, and P2 Brian Bengali

(L to R) STREET P3 Gary Yeung, P1 The Ringer, and P2 Joseph Jafry

(L to R) STREET P3 Gary Yeung, P1 The Ringer, and P2 Joseph Jafry

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