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As a rule, thieves suck.  We’ve often ranted at them or have bemoaned our situation when they have struck us.  Spare a thought for Stephen Boland, a Navy veteran and fellow S2000 owner who was robbed of all he owned except for his S2000 on Veteran’s Day.


Stephen Boland and his daughter Rachel were on the road moving from Sacramento, California to Atlanta, Georgia, where Stephen was starting a new job at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center.  They had everything they owned in a U-Haul van with the S2000 hitched behind on a trailer.  They made a halt for dinner in San Antonio, Texas leaving the van and trailer in a parking lot that was secured and had a guard on site.

Upon their return, they found the van missing and the security guard said he saw “nothing.”  The van was found on November 12.  However upon opening up the van, they found that all their belongings had been taken.  To their credit, father and daughter put on a brave face saying, “there was nothing in there that could not be replaced, except for the family photos and jewelry.”  That being said, they will eventually be faced with the situation and cost of replacing everything they will need as they set about starting up a new life in Atlanta.


The situation facing the Bolands is something that could happen to any of us.  The memories of AFs2k and his wife, who lost everything, including their S2000, in the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, are still fresh in our minds.  Just as we came together then to help and support our fellow S2000 owners, we must now again come forward to help another of our brethren, whether or not he is part of S2KI.

Please like and share the Facebook support page set up to aid Stephen Borland and Rachel.  If you can contribute financially, please donate to the HELP Navy Vet Stephen&daughter Rachel campaign.  If you live in the San Antonio area, get word out to the community and also be sure to speak to your local representatives about securing your city against thefts like these.

One of our own needs us, and we trust that the community as a whole will come together and support him in every way possible.

– S2KI News Team

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