Test & Tune 7 Hosted by BlackTrax Performance at Thunderhill Raceway

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One of our site sponsor’s, BlackTrax Performance, hosted their first Test & Tune track event 7 years ago, and the event has the reputation for being awesome every year, and this year was no different!

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BlackTrax hosted Test & Tune 7 at Thunderhill Raceway’s newly built West track configuration on September 20-21, 2014. The objective of BlackTrax Test & Tune Track Days is to create an opportunity where friends, customers, and employees of BlackTrax can spend a day or two together at the race track. It’s simple, the only requirement BlackTrax has is that everyone be safe and have fun! Drivers enjoy attending BlackTrax Test & Tune events because it’s by far one of the best bang for buck events. BlackTrax limits the number of cars to reduce track crowding; each run group gets seven 20 minute driving sessions per day.

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For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of driving on Thunderhill Raceway’s new west track configuration, its a short and technically challenging configuration. It reminds us of a challenging winding mountain road with two off camber sweeping corners and two very tight 2nd gear hairpins.

TT 6

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The California Bay Area S2ki members are by far the largest showing every single year. The event is headed by community organizer macr88, who helps organize the event as well as offer driving instruction to those interested in experiencing what it’s like to drive on a race track. The largest participating car club gets a group photo during our lunch break. Annually, it’s been S2ki.com and BlackTrax’s says they love it!

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TT 7

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Excluding the owners of BlackTrax, Jei Chang and Natalie Bressem-Chang’s personal S2000, BlackTrax supports three S2000 race cars: Andrie Hartanto of Prima Racing (orange and siliver), Tom Tang (green “irene”), and Graham Downey (aka s2buckchuck, our multicolored paneled s2k test mule). At Test & Tune, BlackTrax showcases the cars, the drivers, and their performance capabilities on track. BlackTrax’s AutoX CRX driven by Jaime Mendoza/Radix Motorsports and Formula Drift’s Pro Driver Matt Field/Drift Cave LLC also attended. S2000 lap times range from 1:38 down to Andrie Hartanto’s 1:19 in his CTSC AP2 on Slicks.

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In addition, Test & Tune 7 was unique because it was the first 2-day Test & Tune with the second day, Sunday, open for drifting as well as grip.

drifting 2

Drifting 1

Overall, the drivers had tons of fun chasing fellow S2k friends with Gopro’s resulting in endless videos and peer to peer smack talking!!

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*Photos courtesy of Bill Wang!

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