KraftWerks Supercharger Installation Yields 200WHP Gains

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Let’s hear about your S2000 supercharger and turbocharger setups.

Ever wonder what goes into a supercharger installation on a Honda S2000? LHT Performance near Tampa, Florida, put together a video that documents their installation of a KraftWerks USA system on one S2000. While it looks fairly straightforward, LHT in the video description say this is their 28th KraftWerks install. When it’s done, however, the supercharger adds 200 reliable horsepower to an already fantastic engine.

KraftWerks’ advertises the system at 400 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque to the wheels while retaining factory air-conditioning and the rest of the OEM accessories underhood. The kit delivers 12.5 psi boost from a Rotrex C38-81 supercharger.

Pricing on the kit varies from what tuning you want; MSRP is $4,930 for no tune, up to $6,295 for AEM tuning and data. Whatever tune comes with it, the whole kit includes a front-mounted intercooler with aluminum plumbing, oil cooler for the supercharger, fuel injectors, fuel pump, MAP sensor, and all the assorted brackets, pulleys, tensioners, and hardware to make it work.

S2KI.comc S2KI Honda S2000 Kraftwerks supercharger Rotrex install 400WHP

LHT installs everything in the video with minimal invasion. The intercooler and oil cooler mount with minimal cutting and they finish it up with some dyno tuning. The results: 413 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque with the power curve increasing steadily all the way to 8,500 rpm.

The installation under the hood comes through rather clean and the black finish on KraftWerks’ “Black Edition” kit looks great. The shop adds a few details, like a custom battery hold-down, and the whole package comes together nicely.

We know a lot of companies build forced-induction kits for the S2000 and we’re curious what owners’ experiences are like with them. Has anybody used more than one supercharger (or turbocharger) setup? Anybody have a preference or think one is a better deal? How does the KraftWerks kit stack up?

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