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jaor's SSM AP2 photo whoring album

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jaor's SSM AP2 photo whoring album

Old 12-25-2013, 01:43 PM
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Default jaor's Daily Driven SSM AP2

Well guys, this is a build thread for Selena, my 2006 Honda S2000 Silverstone with red/black interior.
I hope you guys enjoy my build as much as I enjoy it.

How she currently sits:

Mod list (updated 03/18/2019):

  • Billman GenX TCT
  • Koyorad radiator with Koyorad cap
  • OEM AP1 slave cylinder
  • Renegade Motorsports shifter bushing (brass)
  • Renegade Motorsports coolant reservoir (aluminum)
  • ScienceofSpeed stainless steel braided clutch hose
  • Ballade Sports intake arm with velocity stack and air filter
  • OEM AP2 exhaust with OEM AP1 exhaust hangers
  • OEM cat with 2 anti-foulers and steel wool CEL fix
  • OEM gutted airbox with blocked resonator hole
  • Spoon Sports OEM style intake snorkel (2x2 carbon fiber)
  • Amuse Powerhouse Legalo front bumper (street)
  • CarbonGuards mudguards (2x2 carbon fiber)
  • Downforce +30mm front fenders (FRP) (trimmed front fender liners, trimmed lip, and trimmed fender tabs)
  • MRacing Type IV mirrors (1x1 carbon fiber) with custom door mounts and Suntek PPFC ultra clear bra
  • Mugen style Forbidden USA hardtop (double-sided 2x2 carbon fiber) with Suntek PPFC ultra clear bra Lexan window
  • OEM AP2 front bumper with OEM AP2 style BaysonR lip (track)
  • OEM rear fenders (cut and sealed, rear bumper tab trimmed and relocated, and cut rear bumper)
  • Spoon Sports style Shine inner fender covers with cut OEM fender liners
  • Tamon style Ikon Motorsports spoiler (FRP)
  • Voltex +25mm AP2 rear over fenders (trimmed lip)
  • Alpine CDE-143BT head unit with Modifry HU adapter harness and wired DCI
  • Alpine Type-S SPS-610C 6-1/2" Component 2-Way speakers (door and tweeters) with PVC speaker adapters
  • ASM Ruby floor mats (black/black)
  • Buddy Club seat rails (modified) and Ford seat belt extender
  • Garmin Speak Plus dash cam
  • Moddiction Anvil 2 shift knob (red engraving)
  • OEM hardtop brushes, front latches, front strikers, rear catchers, and rear latches
  • OEM soft top delete
  • Personal Neo Grinta 350mm steering wheel (black leather w/ red stitching) with OEM NSX-R horn button and Dress Up Bolts (titanium black)
  • Prestige APS-596E two-way alarm system
  • Qube Engineering LED gauge cluster, dash controls, and audio controls (white) engine start, hazard, and climate control (red)
  • Recaro Pole Position bucket seat (black leather) and Recaro bolster protector, and Jade seat belt guide (real leather, plain surface w/ red stitching)
  • Sweidit shift boot, armrest cover, and e-brake handle (Nappa black leather w/ red stitching)
  • Works Bell short hub with Works Bell quick release (silver)
  • Zoom Engineering Monaco 240 rear view mirror (1x1 carbon fiber)
  • Buddy Club P1 front camber joint (setting: -3.5 to -4)
  • Buddy Club P1 rear ball joint
  • Ohlins DFV coilovers (10kg/mm front and 8kg/mm rear springs) with FPSpec remote adjusters
  • Spoon Sports hard front compliance bushings
  • Alignment: front -3.0 camber, 6.0 caster, 0" toe and rear -3.0 camber, 0.15" toe
  • OEM front and rear calipers (painted G2 silver)
  • Stoptech slotted front and rear rotors
  • Winmax W3 front and rear brake pads
Wheels/Tires (Street):
  • Continental ExtremeContact Sport 255/35r18 front and 265/35r18
  • Project Kics R40 lug nuts with locks (neo chrome)
  • Volk Racing RE30 Clubsport 2 18x10 +39 square with flat center caps (Evo Gray) and Rays valve stems (gunmetal)
  • Jam Handles (2 fingers)
  • JDMAstar LED parking lights (white)
  • Js2k keyhole plugs (Silverstone)
  • Js2k LED DRL + high beam
  • Lasfit LED dome lights and trunk light (white)
  • Lasfit LED reverse lights (white)
  • Lasfit LED license plate light (white)
  • Lasfit LED turn signals (amber)
  • Mishimoto Radiator Stays (black)
  • Modifry camera windscreen mount with GoPro head
  • Modifry glove box organizer
  • Mugen license plate bolts with 2x2 carbon fiber license plate frame
  • NRG hood dampers (1x1 carbon fiber)
  • OEM JDM H rear emblem (black chrome)
  • Philips CyrstalVision ultra Xenon HID D2S bulbs (5000k)
  • Sakebomb Garage Micro Antenna (billet aluminum)
  • Skunk2 battery tie down (anodized silver)
  • Skunk2 magnetic engine and transmission drain bolt
  • Spoon Sports oil cap
  • Suntek PPFC ultra clear bra on OEM AP2 headlights
  • Window tint (28%)
  • Engine: Motul 8100 X-cess 5w-40
  • Oil Filter: OEM Honda 15400-PCX-004
  • Transmission: Amsoil Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W-30
  • Differential: Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-110
  • Brakes/Clutch: ATE type 200 Dot4
  • Coolant: OEM Honda Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Adam's car shampoo
  • Adam's ceramic wheel coating
  • Ammo Brute wheel soap
  • Ammo Mud tire gel
  • Ammo Reflex coating
  • Ammo Skin sealant
  • Griot's Garage engine bay cleaner
  • Griot's Garage engine bay dressing
  • Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer
  • Gtechniq EXO V4
  • Gtechniq panel wipe
  • Gtechniq W6 iron and general fallout remover
  • Lexol leather cleaner
  • Lexol leather conditioner
  • Meguiars D300 correction compound
  • Meguiars D302 polish
  • Meguiars interior detailer cleaner
  • Meguiars natural shine protectant
  • Meguiars ultimate quick detailer
  • Rainex glass cleaner
  • Sonax wheel cleaner full effect
Standby/Extra parts:
  • APR front brake rotor cooling plates (2x2 carbon) with 3" ducting (black)
  • Arvou tow hook (black almite)
  • Berk 70mm test pipe
  • Bosch front brake pads
  • Brembo OE front brake rotors
  • Eibach front sway bar (stiff) and rear sway bar (soft)
  • EVS 70mm hi-flow cat
  • HKS Hipermax III Sport coilovers (13k front and 11k rear)
  • Mugen header heatshield
  • NRG quick release 2.0 (gunmetal)
  • OEM AP2 style BaysonR lip
  • OEM catalytic converter
  • OEM NSX-R horn ring
  • OEM side-view mirrors with Moddiction blue convex mirrors
  • PCI racing slider seat mount (06+) with Andrew Hake seat belt mod
  • Philips DiamondVision ultimate white light H1 bulbs (5000k)
  • Project Mu NS400 front brake pads
  • Recaro Pole Position bucket seat (red fabric)
  • Redline Goods shift boot and e-brake handle cover (Nappa black leather w/ red stitching)
  • Spoon Sports subframe rigid collar kit
  • Stoptech front and rear stainless steel brake lines
  • Toda Power 60mm catalyst adapter (VHT Satin clear)
  • WedsSport TC105N 18x9.5 +35 (white) and Rays valve stems (gunmetal)
Future Mods...maybe:
  • 3C Lab brake ducts (dry carbon)
  • ACT P/PL heavy duty pressure plate
  • Alpine Type-S SPS-410 4" Coaxial 2-Way speakers (custom mounted behind the seats)
  • APR cooling plate for Spoon snorkel (2x2 carbon fiber)
  • APR rear diffuser (1x1 carbon) and Downforce rear canards (1x1 carbon)
  • Ballade Sports 330mm rear rotor
  • Beatrush front tower bar
  • Beatrush rear lower bar
  • Downforce style Forbidden USA side splitters (1x1 carbon)
  • Greddy SP dual exhaust (VHT satin clear coat)
  • Hondata Flashpro (tuned by:____)
  • J's Racing front and rear RCA
  • J's Racing S-Tai Long hub bolt
  • Mugen 5pt roll bar (black) and interior cover
  • OEM AP1 custom rear bumper (added AP2 bodylines and cut)
  • OEM CR style VIS tonneau cover (1x1 carbon fiber)
  • O.MA Racing custom front splitter (alumalite) and DevSport front splitter brackets (painted black)
  • Password:JDM fuse box cover (1x1 carbon fiber)
  • Password:JDM OEM airbox cover (1x1 carbon fiber)
  • Project Kics R40 Iconix lug nuts (neo chrome) with inner caps (black)
  • ScienceofSpeed 11.5lbs lightweight flywheel
  • Spoon Sports engine mounts, transmission mounts, and differential mounts
  • Spoon Sports steering rack rigid bushing kit
  • Stoptech ST40 front BBK 328x28mm (dark candy red)
  • Urge Designs Unicorn header (VHT satin clear coat)
  • Voltex +25mm AP1 rear over fenders (trimmed lip)
First got the car around July 2011, all stock, woo.

October 2011, my dad backed into my car in our own driveway lol.

Decided to hide the damage with something a lil creative.

November 2011, my Forbidden USA Mugen style hardtop finally came in.

Around February 2012 finally found a replacement for the stock front bumper with an Amuse R1 style front.

Test fit:

Paint booth:


After the summer of 2012, I was able to save some money to buy some coilovers and decided to get Fortune Auto 500 v4 coils with 10k spring rates all around.

Out of the box:



Christmas of 2012, I received a few goodies from the parents: Moddiction Anvil 2 shift knob, Moddiction convex blue mirrors, and Ichiba 20mm front spacers (picked up 25mm rear spacers awhile back).

Car looked a lot better flush

January 2013, decided to do the UK exhaust mod to the stock exhaust, basically a partial bypass for the exhaust and also to help prevent me from getting an exhaust till after graduation...lol.

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Old 12-25-2013, 01:44 PM
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During the summer of 2013, I picked up a set of dark gunmetal Advan RZ with black Rays lugnuts.
Wheel specs: 17x7.5 +48 (with 20mm spacer, so +28) 215/45 front; 17x9 +45 255/40 rear.

October 2013, decided to do something festive with the car for Halloween. :mrgreen:

December 2013, I picked up an exhaust...so much for holding out till after graduation lol. I traded my stock uk modded exhaust and cash for a Greddy SE dual exhaust with a Berk 70mm test pipe.

Exhaust off the previous owner's car:



cellphone video:

Next I need to replace my rear lower tie bar (or stiffener), this sits under the exhaust and discovered it was mangled up.

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Great build, nice and simple. All function, keep up the great work.
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Old 12-25-2013, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Jernin View Post
Great build, nice and simple. All function, keep up the great work.
thank you
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Old 12-25-2013, 03:59 PM
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Love everything about this car. What a gem.
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Looking good!
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Old 12-26-2013, 07:21 AM
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Been following your car and photography's progression. Both are getting better and better, keep it up!
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Old 12-26-2013, 09:44 AM
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Nice build
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nice and simple. keep it up
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