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FR-S and BRZ Owners

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Default FR-S and BRZ Owners

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Dunno if this is true or fiction.......but when this car came out I had one thought and that thought remains: What a gorgeous, fun looking little car completely ruined by a total crap engine.

I had similar thoughts about Miatas, but went slightly easier on the engine.
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ls swap
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Old 03-15-2019, 10:28 AM
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^^Oh it's true. It needs more power, but that's not it's only problem. If the car had an engine as nice to drive as a K20A fewer people would have complained. But the FA20 is no Kseries.

(Hell, I'm pretty sure you can quote me saying exactly that on this forum years ago, hahaha)
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I've never seen one up close until I purchased my WRX and seen a BR-Z in the showroom. I love so many things about the car, I always new it was underpowered, but it can be easily boosted, not unlike the S2000. Having the horizontally opposed engine puts it nice and low in the engine bay with some handling benefits. I'd love to drive one some day.
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I have a buddy who has had his turboed for several years now and he beats the living hell out of it by going to drift competition during the summer months. As far as I know he has had zero issues with the actual engine. Which I was surprised about.
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I love my '17 PP. Lack of power is no different from S2000 for me on the street, I pretty much keep both below 6000rpm anyway for street use. I do miss the S2k's pull up to 9000rpm at the track though!

The current problem with this recall (which only affects '13 model year cars) is apparently to do with Toyota techs overgooping the timing covers. RTV gets into oil passages and then the engine get wrecked.

The FT86 cars are incredibly underrated IMO.
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The engine is a letdown, but the aftermarket has alot of great options and they seem to hold up. My biggest gripe with it now is the spark plugs, I mean that should be a 10 minute practically one handed job.
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It has so many good qualities about it other than the low power engine detail. It is still a very good engine, making as much torque as the S2000 with a lower rev limit and hence lower hp.
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The steering on the 86 is far superior to the s2k, I'd go so far as to call it porsche-like. The problem with the 86 is it's a great street car stock, but to be a track car it requires mods that make it boring on the street. I'd get one as a daily and enjoy the hell out of it.

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