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Originally Posted by 116s2000 View Post
What's y'alls thoughts on hard tops
It really comes down to the individual owner. I was drawn to the S2000 specifically because it is a roadster. That is the true beauty of this car in my eyes. My interest in this car is more or less dependent on driving it with the top down. The only reason I will end up driving this car with the top up is if it happens to be exceptionally cold when heading out to start a drive early in the morning or likewise when returning at night. The other reason would be when I end up getting caught out in some rain before I can get back home. In these cases the convertible soft top serves it's purpose just fine. That said, I can afford to stick the car in the garage when the weather is crap and I'm cool with that. I've got other things going on in my life during those times of the year that I'm passionate about.

Those were all reasons why I elected to search out a pristine example when purchasing a S2000. If I were going to be driving my S2000 year round, I would have had a different set of priorities when selecting one to buy. In that case I'm not even sure that the S2000 would have been a top choice. If I were going to drive a S2000 year round I'd likely choose a car that was in bit rougher shape overall yet fully sound mechanically. Then a hard top would likely have more of a functional appeal to me. In my opinion the S2000 looks it's best by far with the top down. If I did need a hard top, the OEM hard top is the only one that holds some visual appeal to me. But in my case, I'd take the money I'd invest in a hard top and set it aside instead towards saving for something like a 240Z that I could work on and drive when I wanted a roof over my head. Mixing and matching between a S2000 and a 1st generation Z car really appeals to me.
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Hardtops aren't for everyone. Mine came with one and it wasn't for me so I sold it, which allowed to get me into a really nice 81k mile S2000 for under 10k. I bought the car to have the top down and would never be driving it in conditions that required it.
I haven't missed it at all. It was kind of nice to have the coupe option but honestly, the novelty wore off quick so it's top down or driving something else for me. it also made the car feel too small to me and I am only 5'4".

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Hardtops also allow track guys to take more advantage of any fancy aero they have on their vehicles.
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She looks better without any top on. Top is only good for bad weather.
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Mine hangs in the rafters of my garage and never gets used. It looks nice up there. The day may come when I need $3-$4K and I'll sell it. Or, who knows, maybe I'll start using it more. The thing is, that even with a nice pulley system, its a bit of a chore getting it on and off.
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At first I was dead-set on getting a hardtop, but I find it bad enough getting in and out with the soft top up, and at least that's only 10 seconds away from not being a problem. I love the Mugen hardtop but for the price there's plenty of other goodies to tempt me.
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This is why a hardtop will not work for me.

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I repeat! Everything looks better topless and no blind spot!

I thought about buying a hard top too, but it was all for looks and as RPG51 mentioned it is a chore to remove. Agree I rather put money elsewhere and to buy an OEM is almost the cost of a good used super charger.
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Lol you guys act like you have to put on or take off the hardtop all the time. if your smart, you do it once or twice a year, with oem latches, not bolted bullshit race brackets.

Yea, top down is better. But if you have OEM Latches, its super quick. In reality, you are talking less then 5 minutes to install the top, at the beginning of November(or whenever your cold starts). Then less then a minute or two to remove the top in February.

Most of you will say you don't drive in the winter due to salt, which is fine. But don't act like 7 minutes of your time 3 months apart, is a big deal. lol

speaking of which. I just took mine off. Took a whopping 37 seconds


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I could never justify spending $3-4000 on something that would make my car less enjoyable for me to drive. I've seen some race-built S2000s that look good with hardtops (mostly because big wings don't look right on soft top cars), but for the most part, hardtops are not for me.
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