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Broken TCT Bolt - Help!

Old 04-26-2019, 02:43 PM
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Unhappy Broken TCT Bolt - Help!

In need of some desperate help. Broken bolt that needs removing, screw extractor didnt help much.
Any suggestions??

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Old 04-26-2019, 04:01 PM
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If you have these hex bolts with a socket adapter at the end, you can try to hammer in one of these that is bigger than the hole you drilled there, then attach a wrench on the socket end to loose it out.

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Often when I am in thos predicament, the mere act of drilling out the broken bolt ends up removing it. The heat from drilling loosens the threads, and the hole allows boot to shrink a bit. The bit rotation is in the direction to unscrew bolt. So drilling further may remove it.

Some things to note. A dull drillbit is going to simply work harden the bolt, making it harder and harder to remove. Make sure you have a good, fresh drillbit.

Your hole is off center. Next time grind it flat, and use a spring punch to more accurately center your drilling effort. And start with a smaller bit and work up.

For this time, get a good, sharp, smaller bit that won't eat the threads in that offset hole. Bit don't go too small. The worst thing that could happen now is you break off a drillbit in that hole. Make your problem 10 times worse. If you have to chew the threads up a little using a thicker bit in order to be sure not break it, thats better than breaking a drillbit in there.

Get Mapp gas torch. Yellow bottle from Home depot. Looks like a propane torch, but its muuuuch hotter. It uses a different nozzle, don't use your propane one.

Fire it up and get a lot of heat into that bolt, then drill the hole. Then while its still hot try hammering in a removal tool.

If there os anything as bad as breaking a drillbit in there, its breaking a hardened ez out bit. I like the idea of the hammering in a hex driver instead. It lets you use a socket wrench with lots of leverage, and less brittle, less likely to snap like an ez out.
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Old 04-27-2019, 01:48 AM
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Reverse or left hand drill bits are very effective bolt extractors, if there is still material left in the bolt I would try that.
Maybe use a fine dremel carbide tip first to try and get your hole a bit more centered.
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Center punch and a small hammer
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Curious if this broke removing or installing the TCT. Be careful. Torque spec for these bolts is 8.7 lbf-ft (that's less than nine!).

-- Chuck
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Also put something in the holes to stop debris
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Wow, good luck. I'd probably be applying some heat along with the methods suggested in this thread.
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I had this happen with a PS pump bolt I over-tightened into an engine block once. I thought I was out of luck when I couldn't get a left-hand threaded extractor to budge it, and swearing wasn't getting me anywhere, even going up to Navy level. I sprayed the area liberally with anti-seize and gave up for the night.

The next day I glumly fiddled with the end of the bolt, wondering what to do, and damned if it didn't just spin out in my hand. Such a glorious day, I celebrated by braking another bolt off mounting a radiator fan.
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tehlonz (05-05-2019)
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This happened to one of my TCT bolts as well, due to the V1 kraftwerks supercharger mounting bracket that shares these holes.

Regardless of the drill or extraction bits I tried, I couldn't get a straight enough angle to extract what was left of the bolt. So, I just pulled the head and sent it to a machine shop to have them freshen everything up.
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