Let’s have a Spring Fling!!!

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S2ki Vintage forum members are again hosting their annual “Get yer S out of the garage and drive it!” event. Spring Fling 2006 is now official!! The celebration will be held in the Watkins Glen area of NY, in the Finger Lakes region, June 9-11, 2006 and registration is already completely filled. (Sorry folks)

The weekend will feature a beautiful drive through the New York countryside, a visit to historic Watkins Glen Raceway, a winery tour, car care and driving clinics, and of course lots of fun and revelry with the wild and crazy Vintage S2ki members. Last year’s event featured some excellent karaoke performances, and it is rumored that Simon Cowell himself will be hiding in the wings in hopes of finding the next American Idol. (OK… it’s not a very strong rumor)


 S2ki members in attendance this year will be: Canberra, Legal
Bill, tomcat, JonasM, Lainey8484, S1997, zcarcrazy, matt_inva, Poks2k,
ppip, tommyra, paS2K, spt-s2k, matrix, Triple-H, LINESUPER, JSfetko,
Tachus, Tennisbum, Eric N, goblues2k, diskoe, NNY S2K, CitadelBlue,
grannyrod (karaoke queen), Ruined 2, Nickfromny, dlq04, RC – Ryder, Jet
sitter, trich1687, tom717, teebee, PAS2KNut, Rick Hesel, kgf3076,
MsPerky (your lovely hostess), Jumpy Guy, VTEC29K, and GX2.

will be staying at the lovely Showboat Motel, located on the beautiful
shores of Seneca Lake. The Finger Lakes region of upstate New York has
some of the most gorgeous countryside you’ll ever see, and this weekend
features much of it. During the visit to Watkins Glen Raceway, those so
inclined will be able to take a parade lap around the historic course.

Vintage crew (and don’t forget those beloved pre-vints as well) is
known for their gatherings. The camaraderie and hilarity shared by this
tight-knit bunch make for some truly memorable get-togethers, and I’m
sure there will be many wonderful memories for all in attendance.

We’ll let you know how it went, here sometime in mid-June.


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