UK S2ki faithful Institutionalized!

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OK… perhaps that title is a bit misleading, but the


contingent of S2ki spent a fun and informative day at the Honda Institute off the M25 near Heathrow airport west of




In a rare treat for an outsider, our own Ian (AquilaEagle) convinced Honda to stop all regular training activities and invite members of S2kiUK for a full day of education and fun. The agenda included: a tour of the facilities with Raj (Honda’s Chief Technical Man there), a presentation on the concept and design of the S2000 from the very beginning, a workshop where they had several S2000’s available to show many of the engineering wonders of our beloved little car, as well as a demonstration of how all the electronic diagnostic tools work. They had S2ki member PJL’s blown engine there. (from HIS misfortune at the
track day) The motor was stripped down for examination, and they also had another good F20C there to compare and contrast. The Honda team also gave some insight into the changes for the ’06 S2000, and even provided a lunch right there at the institute.



Participants were very pleased with the openness and candor of the Honda personnel and were particularly impressed with the HDS. (Honda Diagnostic System) This amazing device plugs into the data port on an S2000 and runs a complete diagnostic of all sensors in the vehicle. (There’s a lot of ‘em!!!)  The sensors tell if each item is functioning within tolerances or if there is a problem. The results can be printed out and the test only takes about two minutes. Most Honda dealers should have similar equipment, although some are reluctant to take the time to actually use it.


Following the day’s activities, the quiet and sedate S2kiUK crowd daintily sipped a pint together at a nearby pub, but as always, decorum was maintained above all else. (If you’re buying any of this, you’ve clearly never hung out with what Ian affectionately refers to as his “lost children.”)


Megameet is coming… If you’re anywhere near the UK May 12–14 this year, this is one of the best groups of folks you could ever have the pleasure of spending some time with, so make sure you plan to attend. (Stay tuned here for future UK Megameet updates.)



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