If it’s August… it must be MEGAMEET!!!

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This past weekend, one of S2ki’s oldest traditions carried on. It’s simply titled Megameet, and for the last six years it’s been the largest annual gathering of S2000s (with the occasional exception of the legendary Fall Colors Tour) anywhere. Each year, the Southern California community gets together with members and enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate our little car. This year, there were participants from far and wide, including two members (Yves and Erik) who came all the way from Germany!


The event is hosted by SoCal c/o Mike Trinh, with substantial support from his fellow c/os Patrick Blanchard and Ron Blanford. It also wouldn’t be possible without the support of sponsors like Piercey Automotive Group, (Honda World, Planet Acura), Track event organizer Speed Ventures, E-Autosports, Hockey Automotive, BDL, Evasive Motorsports,  Dent masters, NSPTUNER, Tony Fuchs Racing – and the Casino Morongo Hotel. Space is limited to just 60 cars to insure things won’t get too crowded, and registration is usually full within a few hours of opening.

The event included banquets, a prize filled raffle, vendor spotlights, loads of free gifts, and daily pool party with a private cabana, but the highlight was a 100+ mile scenic drive through the beautiful mountains surrounding Palm Springs and Agua Caliente. If you’ve never had a chance to participate in a big S2000 caravan, it’s quite an experience. There’s no feeling quite like looking out both your front and rear windows and seeing nothing but a long line of S2000s as far as the eye can see.


At over 100 miles, the drive is a long one, and the route is kept secret until the day of the event. (To keep out uninvited interlopers) Coordinating a 60 car caravan is no easy task, but BC relies on his trusted team leaders to keep everyone together. {Team leaders: Ron (ronblanford) Wendy (Dreamcation) Mark (dragonheart) Steve (steveuci) & Kelvin (HunterEZ)}In 6 years, the team leaders haven’t misplaced a single car yet. In previous years, cars were divided by color, but as some of the terrain was quite challenging this year, the groups were instead divided by skill level.


The drive finished up at the beautiful Casino Morongo near Palm Springs. After the drive, there was a luncheon buffet at the hotel followed immediately by the raffle. Then, everyone headed for the swimming pool. The temperature tipped past the century mark, and coupled within a few “buckets” of margaritas (see photo) pretty soon everyone was at least partially submerged in the refreshing cool water. That night those guests remaining took over the Chop House in Palm Springs for a fabulous dinner, and then danced the night away in the casino disco. Sunday was more of the same at the pool, and it was all over much too soon.


Megameet 7 will be back next August… will you be there???


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