The Canadian Zero-Emissions Motorcycle Uno

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Is it back from the future or just sits around the corner? Well, actually it stands on a single twin wheel axis and is here already.

Canadian 18 year old Ben Gulak invented the UNO, and by the looks and the fact that this is an environmental friendly invention, we won’t be surprised if it hits the market and mass production.

There are number of awards given to the UNO, such as Invention of the Year by Popular Science Magazine, Best Engineering by the National Motorcycle Show, Best in Category and Best Engineering by Toronto Motorcycle Supershow.

The operation is a very simple task, you switch it on and if you just lean your weight to the front you go forward. If you lean back you reduce your speed or go backwards. Now how simple is that?

At this stage, many investors are interested to put the UNO into mass production and we certainly looking forward to see this invention hit the market.

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