Honda receives 2009 Grove Medal for FCX Clarity in Fuel Cell Technology

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03Honda received the prestigious Grove Medal in recognition of the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle at Grove Fuel Cell Symposium. As it is known, the The FCX Clarity is a very practical vehicle car with plenty of room for four people and their luggage. Significantly. What is really different than any other car is that, it has 2-3 times better fuel economy than a petrol equivalent car and 1.5 times of a petrol-electric hybrid. And the best part is that the only emission produced is just water. The award was accepted by Yuji Kawaguchi, which is the Managing Director of Honda R&D Ltd. His comments were “We are honored to accept this medal. At Honda we believe that the automobile holds the potential for limitless dreams and excitement in the future. The FCX Clarity represents the beginning of that future. We hope you will continue to look to Honda with anticipation and we will continue to strive to become a company that society wants to exist. “

The Grove Committee made the following comments regarding Honda’s achievement: “Honda’s commitment to fuel cells has been evident for a long time. The FCX Clarity shows not only scientific breakthrough but also styling that has captured the public imagination, and Honda’s move to small-scale automated production marks a watershed in the introduction of fuel cell vehicles. The Grove Committee was unanimous in its choice and is delighted to present this year’s medal to Honda.”

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