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1,200+ Horsepower S2000 Blows Roof Off at 190 MPH

S2KI.com Honda S2000 turbo drag race blows roof off 190mph

Racers unintentionally find the limits of aftermarket hardtop in wild fashion.

  Comments | By - January 15, 2018

885-Mile S2000 Hits Mecum Auction Block: Place Your Bets

s2ki.com mecum auction honda s2000 all original $70,000

This beautiful AP1 just sold at Mecum Auctions, and the sale price is incredible.

  Comments | By - January 11, 2018

Yes, You Can Swap Your S2000 Engine Out At Home

S2KI.com Honda S2000 pull swap engine motor clutch DIY ZentRose

With help from friends, and some time lapse magic, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  Comments | By - January 10, 2018

A Pair of Honda N600 Monsters

What’s better than an engine swapped and race-built Honda N600? That’s right. Two engine swapped and race-built Honda N600s.

  Comments | By - December 26, 2017

S2KI Forum Member S4Play is Building The Perfect S2000 CR

The S2000 CR is the factory hardcore performance model, but what if that is not enough. S2KI member S4Play is building his perfect S2000 CR.

  Comments | By - December 11, 2017

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