Lord(s) of the Piston Rings – An epic S2KI tale

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 The fearsome battle between the forces of Darkness & Light for S2KI domination

Dark clouds gather overhead slowly squeezing light out of every corner in the land of Berlinorroh. All that can be heard is the sinister VTEC roar of a swarm of Berlina’s as they make their way to the gathering spot their HID headlamps cutting an eerie  swath of blue through the darkness. The caravan comes to a stop atop a hilltop and all the engines go silent. An air of expectancy hangs over the silent gathering and then a crackle of dry laughter resounds all through “muahahahahaah, muaaaahhahahaha”. The sinister voice goes on to say “welcome fellow Dark brethren. The time has come for us to envelope the world in darkness, for Berlina is the fastest. We are the victors of the color wars, a conflict the lowly Spa lost even before it began. Go forth & vanquish the lowly spa’s”, and then that laughter again muaahahahaha, muahahahaha. Thus spoke the Dark Leader.

On the other side of the world where the sun never sets (which can ke kinda irritating), the birds are chirping, and the brooks flow with a steady murmur. The sounds of harps can be heard and light fills every nook and corner of the land of SPAdom. The Spa’s are all gathered at the frinendly, neighborhood Spavern Tavern. But unlike the norm, the mood in the Tavern while appearing all sunny, seems to hide an unspoken gloom of possible doom. A voice clear as the day and loud as though it were spoken through a megaphone resounds “Spa brothers, may I call this meeting to order”. All the Spa’s turn around and gather around the Spa Leader bedecked in yellow attire with a hat embossed by the prancing pony from the land of Italia. The Spa leader’s sunny disposition eases the gloom somewhat and there is a slight murmur as the Spa’s gather around in some semblance of order. The Spa Leader’s sonorous tone continued “It has come to my attention that the misguided Dark Leader is gathering his hordes and trying to set in motion his plan to bring the anarchic Berlina reign over the world. There is nothing we have to fear, and all his words and deeds are but empty taunts for remember that no matter how dark the sky, it only takes a ray of light refelected off a Spa’s hood to dispel the gloom and darkness. Spa warriors the gauntlet has been thrown and we must rise to the challenge of the Dark Lord. May the flag of the Prancing pony fly high and for eternity as we counter-attack and dominate the land of Berlinorrah”. The response to the Spa Leader’s speech was greeted by loud whoops and cheers of huzzah! and thus began the battle for world domination as the gods of S2ki looked on forlornly at the grim future. A battle that will continue until the last VTEC engine has died and that will live on in legend for generations and generations.

Reads like a fantasy novel or like a scene straight out of a Hollywood fantasy, doesn’t it 😆 . This is the battle of the Spa’s and Berlina’s and lest you think there were a major war erupting online with pages upon blood-spilled pages on our forums, let me assure that it is all very tongue-in-cheek and totally for fun when the winter blues get you down. It turns out that in real life Dark Leader (Matrix) and Spa Leader (Triple-H) are fast friends and the whole Spa & Berlina rivalry grew out of their friendly ribbing of each others car. Soon each of them started a thread amassing fellow owners to the cause of causing misery to the other color and as this gained traction it has been a source of constant amusement for all of us.

Check out the flawed theorem that Matrix has cooked up to prove that Berlina is the faster color

A = Black is the absence of all colour
B = Colour is produced by the reflection of light off of an object
C = Nothing can exceed the speed of light (except for a black s2k, which I will now prove)
S = Black (and only black) S2000
X = All other colours of the S2000

B < or = C because all colours are reflecting light.

Therefore X C

Therefore S > C.

There, mathematical proof that the Black S2k IS the fastest!

OR the Spanana 😆 Spanana chasing down a Berlina or trying to

and also check out Triple-H’s attempt’s to insinuate that Matrix is an in-the-closet Spa lover 😀 .
Wanna be Spa, sadly I'm a Berlina
Further both factions have tried their hardest to enlist the blues (Suzuka & Laguna) and the Silver’s (SSM, CSM & Sebring) to their cause 😛 Spa, eventually became the Spa & Rio owners thread as Honda discontinued Spa for Rio.

Should you choose a side and join in the battle then you must post in the respective threads and request a name that should say DARK or SPA . The Spa & Rio thread may be accessed by clicking here
and the Dark Side thread may be accessed here


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