DIY Complete Nitrous Installation

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There is no hunting season for increasing the power on your S2000. Many owners are always looking for something more and constantly are seeking for the best solution. This is one of the reasons why we have so many difference in opinions and also a wide availability of options. Some choose the natural aspired solution, others the forced induction solution, and even replacing their engine with much bigger displacement. However there is also that extra kick on top of all those described; the nitrous solution. No matter how much power your S2000 or any vehicle will ever have you do want even more. Especially if you drag race your S2000 or even if you want to surprise someone on the streets.

So, imagine your self driving your S2000 and you get into a nice little drag race challenge. We are sure that this little extra button can give you a big smile once you press it and the nitrous just kicks in. They are many owners that use this solution and they assign the installation at an experienced workshop that takes full responsibility.

However, our fellow S2000 owner, houstonpv, took his own way by purchasing from several different sellers few parts and put together a decent nitrous kit. He decided to install it on his own and he even managed to get a lot of photos to share his Do-It-Yourself skills with a very nice result. Thanks for sharing!

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