Nine Years and Counting – An ode to the S2000 by member dlq04

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The S2000 - Timeless and aging like fine wine

From our S2000 Vintage Owners forum

I’m still looking for the fountain of youth, but haven’t found it yet. Sports cars have been a huge part of my life ever since my Air Force day’s in the early 1960’s. They have helped keep me young – at least in spirit. Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful related experiences! I truly smile when I reflect on them, both past and present! Today marks the start of my tenth year of S2000 ownership.

I love my Honda S2000 because it’s a car that was designed from the ground up for pure driving enjoyment. It is a wonderful example of excitement combining with reliability. Honda may never carry the prestige of small specialty firms like Ferrari, Porsche, or Lotus but as many have discovered the S2000 can do almost anything those marques can and in some cases better.

The heart of the car, the VTEC four-cylinder engine, with it’s 9000-rpm redline is intoxicating. The F20C engine developed 120 HP per liter. It held the record for the highest specific output for a naturally aspirated production piston engine for ten years. It wasn’t until Ferrari unveiled the 458 Italia with 125 HP per liter at the 2009 Frankfort Motor Show that a new record was set. I feel fortunate to own one of the early higher revving engines. For those wishing a bit more torque there’s the latter. The short-throw 6-speed makes for a stirring driving experience. Styling after all these years still looks fresh.

The 0-60 mph times matched my ‘63 Corvette; a car I considered a straight-line rocket at time. I vividly recall test-driving a used S2000. I stood on the throttle. It shot away like a missile. My heart sang wildly as I redlined each gear, sending it easily past 100 mph. In fact, I didn’t even realize it until my wife said in that special voice she sometimes uses “I think 120 in someone else’s car is enough!” I couldn’t sleep that night. I ordered a new S2000 the next day. This combined with the overall handling package make for a wonderful driving experience.

Because of this car I have developed an appreciation of Honda’s history, F1 efforts, and achievements.
The author and his beautiful wife at a meet

In many parts of the country the S2000 is still a very rare car –– a fact that I personally enjoy. US total sales at the end of 2009 were just shy of 66,500. That represented approximately 60% of worldwide sales, which topped 112,000. With production ended it will remain an important part of Honda’s history.

I don’t claim to be a purist but I still think of the car as stock since I have not touched the engine except for a K&N air cleaner. However, I surprised myself as I listed my mods which include the UK alignment, brake speed bleeders, driver’s door panel mod, center console mod, driver’s seat raised and pump up lumbar added, exhaust resonator removed, black front/side grill inserts with chrome Honda emblem, Elda roll bar, black walnut shift knob, clear side marker lights, top raise/lower mod and lighted S2000 windscreen.

My nine full years of ownership is official on January 31, 2010. I feel fortunate. With only 42 thousand miles and mint condition, I suspect it will be in my stable for a long, long time.

I thoroughly enjoy exchanging information and experiences with the S2000 community through S2KI and S2KCA, especially the Vintage Forum. It’s all been a fun ride so far.


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