My Escape Pod – by Waltk88

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A lot of our discussions in Car Talk focus on all-out acceleration performance, top speed and track handling characteristics of various cars. While I appreciate the edge of the envelope capabilities of a performance car, I rarely get to exercise the machine to anywhere near its limits during 95% of the time in the driver’s seat. Nevertheless, knowing that your car can put up the numbers has a strong academic appeal and contributes to the pride of ownership feeling. Another value I derive from my car, and the subject of this post, is the pleasure of simply retreating into an escape pod from the stress of work, family, or whatever issues have been creating tension during the rest of the day. Certainly a drive on sparsely trafficked mountain roads has a way of taking my mind away from all those stressors, but I even look forward to getting in my car in the morning to head out to work and then getting back in at the end of the day for the drive home.

I think that’s what really defines a special car. It’s not simply the performance numbers, how it behaves on the track, how it looks or how it sounds. It’s the whole package that generates postive emotion in the owner. If you feel good about your car and look forward to every drive, that’s one special car.

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