Self-hating S2000 drivers? – Onehots2k opinion

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Over the past 5 years I’ve encountered a good number of S2k drivers that don’t really care for convertibles. I have to admit that I’m in that boat. There are not a lot of convertibles out there that strike my fancy. It was very difficult for me to figure out why.

BMW is easily one of my favorite car companies and none of their three convertibles strike my fancy. Folding hardtops are becoming more popular and are a solid attempt at offering the best of both worlds. I’m still not into those either. They typically carry more weight up top and often detract from the flow of styling. I live in Florida and it is pretty hot and humid most of the time.

If procrastination was an art, I would paint a masterpiece daily. I’m always running late to something or trying to make good time. I forget to drop the roof. This is the part where you call me a weirdo.

I put my top down about once a week. Why? I do it because I normally have a group drive to whatever restaurant the mini s2000 meet is and everyone else does it. I honestly fall in love all over again! The experience is so raw and visceral. I feel as if I’m driving a total different car. The heart rate is going, music is blasting, and I’m focused and probably hungry too! It’s that very feeling that makes me believe the car is special and isn’t easily replicated. That amazing night ends and I’m back to not caring for convertibles all over again. I can’t realistically see myself in another convertible other than an s2000. That has to mean something, right?

Unrealistically I can see myself in another. It would go by the name of Pagani Zonda. This just means my drop top ownership experience will be few and far in between. Also, very memorable! Powerball Lotto here I come.

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