DIY AP1 Single Exhaust Cap Installation

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Many owners are upgrading their exhaust system with a dual or a single exit exhaust. Although the single exhaust option will give you higher performance, there is a small sacrifice in the looks of the car’s rear end. However, there is an option available in the market for MY99-03 to fit a single exit exhaust gap cover. This time we would like to thank CA_S2K for the following DIY write-up, which will make your life much easier if you decide to go ahead with the installation.

Today I picked up a single exhaust cap in carbon fiber from Heel Toe Auto.

I noticed how some people get confused with a single cap. Thinking they have to cut out and replace the bottom piece of the bumper.
That is not the case, it is a “cap” the fits flush right over it.

Time took for install-25 minutes.

The cap comes with (1) Alcohol swab (2) Tapping screws and double sided tape attached to the cap.

My Z-Tec single exhaust cap got warped because my T1R exhaust decided to have a mind of its own and thought it would adjust itself closer to my bumper. So I picked up a Spoon N1 instead.

After taking the Z-Tec off I had to use a dremel to cut some of the melting plastic off the bumper. As I was taking the cap off, I broke the oem tabs, so instead I used nuts and bolts for installation.

On to the install.

Make sure to clean the area thoroughly with the alcohol swab for the tape to adhere.

I had extra APR nuts and bolts so I used them instead of the oem tabs.

I then loosely attached the cap from the bottom.

I then peeled off the double-sided tape and attached the cap as flush as possible.

When I was satisfied, I used the tapping screws and drilled them on the ends of the cap.

Tighten everything down and thats it.

Caps can be found here. If you require further information for this DIY click this link.

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