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Life is filled with choices we have to make. Sometimes we enjoy them and others we regret. Did you choose Performance or Style when you bought the S?

I’m always asking others what is more important to them in a sports car. I’ve thought about it and evidence tends to indicate the nod goes to performance for me. It was just chance that the s2000 happens to look good.

My stock looking (GPW) car still gets me several comments a month. I really do appreciate that.  In reality, I still would have gotten it if it looked a lot different. I’m quite smitten with BMW’s. A lot of people know that. What may come as a shock is that I don’t find them beautiful or pretty, but for some reason they make me smile on the road. I don’t care how nice the driver is behind the wheel. Perhaps it’s my admiration for the way they drive that loosens my vision.

The same goes for Subarus. Most of their qualities and abilities win me over almost every time. Don’t get me wrong here, I would love a good balance but it isn’t exactly easy to find in the affordable price range. I either find something that drives great and looks good enough; or vice versa. Surprisingly, I feel the S is a very decent balance. Which does the S have more of?


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