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For some time now, I’ve wanted to replace the OEM spare tire of my S2000 with a tire sealant kit. The most important reason was because I upgraded my brakes with aftermarket BBK at both the front and rear. As a result, the spare wheel cannot be fitted at the axles in case I have a tire puncture.

The ContiComfort Kit comes with instuctions and a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean

One solution was to seek in the market for a larger wheel but it was difficult to find the right one. So, I ended up purchasing the ContiComfortKit by Continental.

Here are details on this kit as featured in Tirerack and also at Continental’s site.

There is also a small comparison here in German language, but I suggest that you go through Google to translate. In sort words, it’s the best among other sealant kits.

Their is an expire date for the sealant fluid. Once expired, a replacement set has to be purchased

Just to be extra sure, I bought not only one complete set but also a replacement set. There are many sealants available out there but Continental claims that the sealant fluid being used is better than anything else available in the market.

Here is the ContiComfortKit (left) and the replacement set (right) fully packed

Also, the sealant quantity is larger than everything I’ve seen locally. The ContiComfortKit is really small and well put together. You can tell that the quality is great. Apart from the air pressure gauge and the power switch, there is also a built-in reflector and light in case you have to work in the dark. Gloves are included in the package, too.

The ContiComfortKit replacement set has an expire date too

You can check the price at TireRack in the link above. However, in the USA, the kit is much cheaper than in Europe. Please note that you don’t have to get a replacement set as I did. You only need the ContiComfortKit which is the complete set.

The quality of the ContiComfortKit is great

I would like to add some further information here since there is a myth regarding the use of sealant kits. Several tire specialists claim that the tire needs replacement once you use a sealant. I’ve done my research and that is not true. Following is my explanation on this.

Instructions are also stickered on top of the ContiComfortKit

The purpose of the ContiComfortKit is to temporarily repair the puncture that is causing air to escape from the tire until you reach a service station or tire dealer for tire repair or replacement. The manufacturer includes in the instructions that, once we use the kit, we can drive the car with the maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) for a maximum distance of 125 miles (200 km).

There is a built-in reflector and light in case you have to work in the dark

Then the tire should be taken to a service station or tire dealer for repair as if you had a punctured tire in any other case. The manufacturer even describes the proper removal and disposal of the sealant:

4. Removing the sealant: Scoop the sealant out of the tire with a suitable device (an industrial ladle is ideal for this). Use rags to soak up any remains of the sealant and dispose of the rags and sealant in accordance with local waste disposal regulations (see ‘Disposal’).

The tool described above is like a large spoon and its shape helps to remove the sealant from the inside part of the tire. Once you complete the entire removal and cleaning with rags you may proceed with the repair of the tire.

The ContiComfortKit is really small, well put together and weights less than 2.3 kgs

Check also this link which you will find interesting.

After using the ContiComfortKit:
– You can drive up to 200 km (125 miles) to a service station/tire dealer.
– Maximum speed until the tire has been replaced: 80 km/h (50 mph).
– Have tire promptly replaced or repaired by a specialist

In case you don’t pass the maximum speed limit of of 50 mph (80 km/h) or the maximum distance limit of 125 miles (200 km), the tire will be repaired at the service station or tire dealer. However, if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions or if the puncture is larger then a replacement tire should be considered. Personally, I cannot imagine myself using a tire that had a huge puncture to the sidewall. Safety is always of utmost importance.

The sealant fluid replacement container weights almost 0.7 kgs

I would also like to add that the ContiComfortKit can be used on tires equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). It is common sense that the sensors won’t give proper readings until the sensors are cleaned. Here is the link to the following question and answer.

Question: Can I use the ContiComfortKit on tires equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?
Answer: Yes, the sealant is compatible with direct, valve-mounted tire pressure sensors since the sensors can be washed and adhering residue can be peeled off easily when the tire is repaired.

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