What is the cheapest way to get 260 whp?

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Have you ever considered which way to go to increase the power of your Honda S2000? There are many options from which to choose. You might go the route of Naturally Aspirated, or turn to Forced Induction tuning. More exotically, you have a few other options such as the juicy NOS. (Some would suggest a simple aftermarket shorter final gear; this doesn’t actually increase power, but the feeling is great when you see those RPMs climbing on your tachometer). But have you ever considered what is the cheapest way to get more power at the wheels? A fellow owner, aceking66, has posted a topic in the S2000 Naturally Aspirated Forum with this specific simple question, but the variety of answers will be quite controversial and anything but simple. Perhaps you could help out with your reply and point him in the right direction. So, what is, in fact, the cheapest way to get 260 whp in the Honda S2000?

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