An S2000 Wedding Inspiration

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The Honda S2000 has a nice bling factor most of the time to be the center of attention. It is a unique sport car that is not so easy to ignore at all sort of events.

However, there is one life event that may be significant noticed but definitely it won’t be the one thing you’ll remember. This event is called marriage and it brings two persons together to seal their love and tie the knot.

Have you ever wondered if the S2000 can inspire a wedding? An S2KI member, s2kcolin, and his wife joined together at a nice outdoor ceremony in Newmarket, Ontario. They were blessed and got married in style with a very interesting marriage theme.

Instead of having numbered tables in their wedding reception, they made them with all high end cars!

One highlight of the event was s2kcolin’s S2000 as you can see in a very nice photo captured with his wife. The car theme was not the only thing that was inspired by the S2000!

His wife, aware of the special relationship between her husband and the S2000, had a small surprise for him. It was a very sweet surprise, the wedding cake was actually a small copy of his S2000.

The S2KI Community wishes them a marriage filled with love and joy.

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