259,000 miles, looking good and going strong!

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Many of us treat our S2000s like garage queens, yet some of us like to drive them as if we stole them, piling on several miles and smiles. Ever wonder what the lifespan of an S2000 engine might be? While We don’t have official figures for the highest mileage ever achieved on an S2000, a small photoshoot may have exposed not only the beauty of I<3myap1’s S2000, but also the remarkable figure of about 260,000 miles on the clock (Editor: per member claim. Click here). As of this report the car is still going strong!
You’re probably wondering about the maintenance that has been done to the car so far. Here is what I<3myap1 has shared with us:

“My badge from the front is from my friends NSX, but I think its the Integra DC5 badge. As far as maintenance goes the car has been pretty much perfect. I have replaced both rear hub bearings at about 140,000 miles. The rear passenger axle at 220,000 miles. Replaced the TCT at about 120,000 even though it wasn’t making noise. Have done 2 valve adjustments. Oil changes every 2,500 miles which is about every two to three weeks with either Royal Purple or Mobile One 10W 30 with an OEM filter and the transmission/differential at around 10,000 to 15,000 miles. I replaced the PCV valve at around 130,000 even though it was fine. The car is still on its original water pump and timing chain and so far no leaks. I’m on my 3rd clutch already, but overall the car has been awesome, no complaints at all. Well, what can you expect, its a Honda!

Definitely a well maintained S2000, for sure and an inspiration to all. Kudos to I<3myap1. Are there any S2000s out there with more miles on the clock?

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