Parking the S2000

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Parking the S2000 in a safe place is no doubt at the top of our minds. A garage at home is useful for keeping the car safe from the elements – natural and human. Parking the car in public though can be a challenge as the car now is fair game for all things that could potentially harm it.

Parking in public, invites the attention or rather the lack of it from inattentive drivers that may be compensating by driving a giant SUV. Dude! I know you have some big doors, but you don’t need to swing them open all the way.

The car also serves as a shopping cart magnet for those that cant or wont put a cart back in the proper place. You’ve got to also factor in those that will go out of their way to park next to the cool car, even though you took the pain to park the car a mile away from the entrance. In compiling such a list, we must also acknowledge valet parking attendants. While some of them are very good and clearly respect any car, the others have either never driven a manual or seek to live out some kind of Grand Theft Auto fantasy by launching your car and power-sliding into its intended parking space.

What’s more the car is also unsafe in the company of friends. You are standing around with your friends who are not on S2Ki or car nuts for that matter, and one of them decides to strike a stylish pose by leaning those riveted jeans they are wearing against the car. I don’t know about you, but I’d jump up in the air, momentarily defying the laws of physics as I curse, beg or request said person to revert back to a posture unlike that of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

As a personal aside, I keep the S2000 under its cover even in the garage, lest something befall it. You could call me eccentric (however I am energetic), but I also carry my car cover in the trunk and use it when I need to park in public for extended periods of time. I feel better knowing there is a layer of protection on the car.

What about you? What precautions do you take when parking in public or private? OR is it a travesty to keep the S2000 parked?

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