Driving through hidden accident traps

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No matter how careful a driver may be, there is no silver bullet to avoid a road accident. There can be many reasons why an accident may occur. It could happen from obvious behavior like reckless driving, speeding, or running red lights, but even unforeseen conditions may create an accident, such as weather conditions, pedestrians, or pets.

Those can be hard to see coming, especially if you drive in the night and you suddenly see in the middle of nowhere a dog or a pedestrian crossing the road. Even the brightest lights of the world may not help you avoid running through them causing a terrible accident, fatality or injury.

Who to blame? The driver? Not always, but there are some cases that the car model may give the impression that the driver was speeding and was not careful enough to drive on the streets.

How many times have you read or heard in a discussion people blaming the driver of the capable fast car as the person who caused the accident? There is a tendency in human nature to drive the mind into the fastest and most convenient outcome when a person hears or reads an accident case. Someone then asks “What car was involved in the accident?” and the answer may be “a Honda S2000”.

Can you guess what will be the next comment? “Well, there is no surprise then, those S2000s are pretty fast and their drivers are always speeding”. I always wonder how truthful that is.

Here is a real life case scenario entitled, “Car crashes into pedestrians”, in which I believe the Honda S2000 driver could be accused, even thought there was no fault from her side, but from the pedestrians. Once I read the title of the story and that a Honda S2000 was involved, a small part of my mind acted exactly as I described above.

However this was not the case. The pedestrians tried to cross a street between the cars that were stopped at the light when they were hit by the S2000. Eyewitnesses, added that the driver could not have seen them as they walked out from between the cars waiting at the lights. One of the victims unfortunately had serious injures while the other survived with minor scratches.

Did you ever manage to avoid such hidden accident traps?

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