S2000s in Gran Turismo 5

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Although we are not a dedicated video gaming site, we are certainly fans of racing games and with anything that involves the Honda S2000. With the official release date of the most anticipated and longest ever developed car racing simulator, Gran Turismo 5, finally solidified, we also finally saw the final car list for the game.

So, for those S2000 enthusiasts who are fans of the GT Series, you will be delighted to know that GT5 includes 27 different models of the Honda S2000 among 1,031 cars!

The various S2000s include domestic and foreign market variations, plus special editions, so you’ll really be able to experience a variety of S2000s in the game.

The fact that the S2000 is in GT5 is not a big surprise to be honest, since Yamauchi Kazunori, CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series, is in fact an owner of a Honda S2000. We trust that his personal touch and experience from his tuned S2000 will be a nice addition to the accuracy of the driving physics of the car.

Images courtesy of pspsps and Madmurdock6

Time to prepare your racing wheel then, for the most exciting S2000 racing simulator to hit your PS3 console. Oh, and if you are a dedicated fan of racing games, we encourage you to get your hands on a Logitech G25 or G27 racing wheel and a play-seat!

To view the complete list of different models of the S2000, please jump to the link below.

S2000 Forums-> S2000 List in Gran Turismo 5

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