What Sacrifices Have You Made For Your S2000?

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You’ve probably all heard of the Austrian man who recently won a MINI by getting its name tattooed on his *****. Turns out his screams of anguish were broadcast over the radio as he underwent this procedure. Now before you start labeling all MINI drivers as that which we also call a quill, we want to ask you, what’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve made for your S2000?

We’ve heard of members who’ve saved all the way from their very first job onwards to finally realize the dream of an S2000. Then, there are those who, having purchased an S2000, continue to make sacrifices for the sake of top-down fun. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen noodles are the preferred diet of some who would rather save the money to spend on the S2000.

The S2000 has also served as a reward for attaining personal goals. Be it weight loss or quitting smoking, the S2000 is the perfect reward for anyone who has sacrificed something and made an effort to improve themselves.

Sometimes the sacrifices are made for modifications to the car. Wheels, custom exhausts, hard tops, big brake kits, etc. all cost a lot of money. It is one’s love for their car that may have lead them to sacrifice something in order to have the S2000 modified to their specification.

While S2KI advises against getting any tattoos where they can’t be displayed, we would like to know what you have sacrificed or continue to give up for the sake of your S2000?

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