NSX Redux. Will It Be As Good Or Another CR-Z Like Disappointment?

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Hot on the heels of the impending ninth-generation Civic come reports out of Japan that Honda has confirmed the manufacture and development of the next NSX. Rumors about an NSX redux have been doing the rounds for a while. You’ve probably read all about it by now. Takanobu Ito-san, when asked about an NSX replacement, did not vehemently deny it for the first time. Unconfirmed reports also abound of this vehicle packing a hybrid system keeping in tune with Honda’s current direction.

Details are scarce as of now. There is no confirmation of the drive train this car will pack or whether it will be based on the reverse Accord platform. Whatever the case may be, we think Honda has an uphill task ahead of them.

The original NSX bears a lofty pedigree. Ayrton Senna and Satoru Nakajima helped develop the car under the leadership of Shigeru Uehara. Back then, it packed everything needed to compete with the exotics of that time, while also going a step further. The original NSX was a civilized steed to drive around town, unlike its competition. It inspired Gordon Murray to create the McLaren F1. In short, Honda established a new benchmark against which exotics were measured. Reliability, hitherto a factor that was unknown to exotics, became par for the course, courtesy of the NSX.

Tomorrow’s NSX will not only have to compete with the competition on price, but must also strive to set a new benchmark as its predecessor did. Whether that will be something that can be done by Honda is the million dollar question.

Should Honda succeed in hitting the proverbial nail on the head, then we have no doubt that, buoyed by the success of the NSX, they could very well give us another S2000, and that is why we are excited to hear news that development has resumed on the NSX. Our fingers are crossed, hoping there is no disappointment this time around.

What about you? Do you think Honda will be able to succeed with the new NSX? Should they call it an Acura or sell it as a Honda? Do you think it increases the chances of another S2000 from Honda?

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