Summertime Bucket List

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Summer is in full swing as evident from the record high temperatures experienced across most of North America. One would very likely have been subject to looks of astonishment from the rubberneckers in the nearby Prius or possibly subject to verbal abuse for driving with the top lowered in such heat. The world is full of detractors and it is for us to roll the top down and drive forth, just as it is for them to frown and spew abuse.

Often people don’t realize why we do what we do, until they have had a chance to experience the S2000 as a driver or a passenger. The proverbial light bulb illuminates within and the sudden look of realization dawns on their face soon to be followed by the acknowledgment that there is a method or rationale to our madness. Certainly several owners on here have experienced the same, but while educating others is one thing that we must constantly strive to do, albeit in a non-snooty manner like certain “eco-drivers,” there are other things as well.

An objective that one can pursue this summer is self-education about the car and its abilities. One can always drive to the nearest deserted office park early on a weekend and drive the car around while varying the degree of input to see how the car responds. It is a great exercise and can be fun but runs the risk of being reported as a nuisance to local law enforcement. The better option would be to pay up and sign up for a high-performance driving school or show up to a local autocross event run by any local organization. The advantages of running with an organization include higher safety, instruction and improvement through repetition.

A track day is a definite bucket list item if you seek the thrill of going beyond street-legal speed without the repercussions. Often people who end up going once get hooked on to it. Golf cannot come close (except perhaps in terms of cost) to providing the high experienced when the car and you together nail the apex on your way to track out. Driving schools are also a means for one to step up into the world of racing for a living or at the very least to become an amateur racer.


Not everyone can afford the expense of driving on track, but dodging cones is right within the budget. All one really needs to autocross is an observant attitude and a fistful of dollars. The run-what-you-brung ethos pervades the group at the event and, equipped with a tire pressure gauge and a wrench to tighten lug nuts, one can come away with a new-found appreciation for the fast thinking and quick physical reflexes that autocross demands of a driver. Horsepower and what you drive are not a factor as much as driving skill which is paramount.

Summer is also a great time of the year to participate in drives and meets organized by your local S2KI chapter. These are typically pre-planned events with the drive organizers ensuring that the roads selected are a combination of scenic views as well as challenging corners. Participating in a drive can be a great way to meet fellow S2000 owners and like-minded enthusiasts and several members have made friends for life through attending these social events. It’s also a great opportunity to get your significant other involved in the community. Additionally, they are bound to feel much safer as drive events adhere to speed limits and traffic laws and will be more understanding of your disappearance on weekends to go hang out with fellow owners.


The aforementioned aside, one can also get out there and drive the car every chance they get, for if you just sat here reading the home page articles or watching the GoFast Videos on Facebook, summer is bound to pass you by.


So tell us, what summertime activities do you and your S2000 participate in? Are there any remaining on your bucket list?


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