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The increasing cold is sending shivers down the spine for most members in the Northern Hemisphere and we wouldn’t just attribute that to the cold. It is nearing the end of driving season and for some the driving season may have already ended. This is the time to jack the car up and crawl under the car pondering the question of what to do over the coming weeks of cold, snow and ice. Some of us will probably just slap on some snow tires and do an oil change before proceeding to drive the car, yet others will dutifully indulge in the ritual of winter storage preparation and then there are those who will park it away, only to bring the car out on the nicer winter days when the snow is scarce and sunshine plentiful. Luckiest though are owners and members who live in sunny climes where winter is a faraway distant cyclical event that affects people in another world.

Whatever the case may be, the time is right to indulge in vehicle maintenance. If you plan on driving the car and live in an area where you will frequently see temperatures drop below zero, it may be best for you to think about a more winter-friendly engine oil. Shin-Etsu grease on all the rubber seals (doors, trunk and hood) to prevent them from cracking as well as coating the CV boots with silicone spray, a nice coat of wax and detail in order to protect the paint from the elements are also par for the course. The most important thing though for those considering driving the car is to check on tire pressure frequently and also ensure they have the right tires for the occasion. The RS-3s and the Star Specs won’t do you any good and it is highly recommended that you invest in a set of dedicated snow tires (they will also come in handy if you decide to ice race or do a winter rally).

For those parking the car until the leaves sprout again, it is recommended that you go through a few more steps before parking the car away for good. Our Vintage S2000 Owners group has a wonderful thread on winter storage tips that is a must-read for everyone who owns an S2000. While performing each and every one of the 29 steps may not really be necessary, one might find it very beneficial to peruse the thread and ferret out the steps they intend to follow. One personal recommendation is to always hook up the battery to a trickle charger so as to ensure your battery lasts longer.

If you plan to drive your car on the nicer days in winter, ensure you check your tires and be doubly sure that you have restored full insurance on the car before you head out. Be sure to gradually bring the car up to speed and be as gentle as possible with all your inputs. It may also be a good idea to find an empty parking lot where you can learn how differently the car responds in inclement weather versus dry conditions or contact your local sanctioning body to see what kind of winter events they have planned.

Do tell us, how many of you have followed these steps to store the S2000 in the past? Do you store the car for the winter or do you find winter to be absolutely perfect to drive top-down like our member laurensdejong? Park or ride, we hope you have fun and enjoy the winter season.

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