Needle in a Haystack, Under a Car Cover…

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Member F1 S2k recently had the opportunity to purchase a very rare, barely driven AP1. Read his short description here, and then click through to the excellent for the full story. -SF

If anyone thinks the proverbial “barn find” is a legend you only read about in magazines, then read on… It happened to me a few weeks ago.

A friend of mine told me about an S2K stashed away in a barn of sorts. He got my attention, after all I knew what an S2000 was all about (it certainly has F1 DNA!) and while not exactly actively “looking” for one I was not about to pass on a pristine high performance automobile. So the more we talked the more curious I got and eventually I made the decision to purchase this gem.

My S2K is a late production 2003 model – with 4,726 miles on the odometer. My S2K still wears its original Bridgestone tyres, still has the “break in” oil in the crankcase. The all-red leather interior smells just like the day it left the factory in Tochigi and the Sebring Silver is stunning. I put it on a lift this past weekend and the underside is just as clean as topside: no evidence of ever being driven in the rain.

I was a little skeptical about the all-red interior. Dang! It is RED!! Even the radio door is red. But… The more I admire it the more I like it.

I realize you might think I am pulling your leg on the mileage. “Without pictures, this never happened”, right? Well…

I’ve only had a few times to get her on the road since I got her but so far I am really impressed! This machine is amazing – VTEC is a thing of wonder!! If you like to read more about it: Click HERE first and click HERE next.

Time permitting, this weekend I plan to change oil. Next I plan to drop all the remaining fluids and replace them with new stuff. I am also int he process of deciding what to buy for a new set of tyres. I really don’t feel comfortable driving a high-performance automobile on 10 year old rubber. Any suggestions would be welcome – I was thinking about a set of Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1’s or BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp2’s.

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