Oregon S2000 Meet Turns into Charity Fundraiser

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On Saturday, July 28, 2012, the Oregon and Pacific Northwest S2000 communities came together in Hillsboro, Oregon (just outside of Portland) to raise money for a local charity, the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation, an advanced medical care facility located nearby in Portland, Oregon. Over seventy cars were present, nearly fifty of those were S2000s! As a result, and thanks to Oregon Community Organizers #172CR (Ira) and Sabre (Aaron), the event was a complete success.

The event was structured so that people would be entertained with all the cars on display, a full barbecue spread and a live DJ (djmike) providing upbeat music to enjoy. On top of that, as it was hosted at a local Honda dealership, many S2000-specific parts were heavily discounted. The center of the event was comprised of the DJ tent, two show S2000s that were built by local tuning shops, two NSXs and the donation tent. Each person attending received a gift bag complete with several samples, coupons, information on the charity, and most importantly, each vendor!


A fun twist that was added was having two national models there to help with the donations and to drum up interest for the event. They did a great job as they handled all of the donations during the day. People that donated were awarded prize tickets that were drawn at the end of the day. The prizes were vast and ranged from manual transmission and oil change kits provided by the dealership to gift certificates to local shops and headlight diffusers, keyhole covers and all of the HCII prizes!

The money raised for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation totaled over four times the amount anticipated! They had only expected to raise $250, but at the end of the day, the donations added up to $1,100.

Great job, Ira and Aaron… and thanks to everyone who attended for representing the S2000 community in such a positive way!

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