A New Beginning

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As the events formerly known as Wake the Dragon (WTD) and Dragon Ball Run (DBR) are now officially retired, the S2000 community is filling the gap for a new gathering to carry on the spirit of years past. This year, with a new organizer team and a lot of hard work by all parties involved, “S’s at the Gap” was a worthy successor of DBR.

More intimate than the larger spring meet, S’s at the Gap featured all the components necessary for a fun time with great friends, old and new, as well as beautiful weather to accommodate the fun-filled atmosphere. We were fortunate to enjoy a car which carves through mountain roads with the ease of slicing butter. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like Hellbender, or the rush of Gravity Cavity. As safety is paramount at the Dragon, drivers are all made aware of the necessary safety precautions at our frequent safety meetings.

New friends were also made at this event, albeit a little on the eccentric side. Larry the Cable Guy graced Fontana Dam with a visit while filming another episode of his “Only in America” show. We were informed on Wednesday night by a member of the camera crew that if we “want to be on TV, be at Deal’s Gap at 8am [Thursday].” We enjoyed a leisurely Dragon Slayer breakfast while awaiting Larry’s arrival with the rest of the filming crew. Once he arrived, the few guests staying at Deal’s Gap were swept by surprise that more than five cameramen were sweeping the premises, filming the Tree of Shame as well as interviewing motorcyclists on the merits of this incredible stretch of road. Due to our connection with the camera team, as well as piqued curiosity, we eventually found ourselves in the vortex of it all, having a full conversation about the road, the S2000 and safety on the Dragon with Larry the Cable Guy.

The event was really a new beginning for all of us. All friends, old and new, came out to celebrate the legacy of one of the most amazing pinnacles of automotive engineering on a road virtually custom made for our cars. The camaraderie of this group, along with the shared experiences and love for the same mountain-carving machine, make every Dragon event very special, no matter how far you travel to get here. We drive for hours on end to traverse an eleven-mile stretch of mountain road, and would do it all over again if given the chance.

See you in the spring!

Photo Credits: funat9000rpm, s2kmiami69, RedCelica, killboy

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