Supercharged Greek S2000 Hustles During Euro Time Attack Session

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PB Motorsport S2K flies around Dutch circuit Zandvoort

The S2000 has become a serious time-attack platform and with good reason. You can find parts easily, the car is light, and the engine is fantastic. When you add an HKS supercharger, and some aero to it, like Greek time-attack racer Lampros Gavanos, you make that F20C four-cylinder engine even better. Check out this video of Gavanos flogging his S2000 at the Dutch racetrack Circuit Zandvoort.

Zandvoort was built adjacent to an oceanside resort (“zand” = “sand” = beach full o’ tourists) in the Netherlands. While most people associate Holland with its lack of elevation, the rolling dunes upon which Zandvoort were built make it a bit of a rollercoaster. Sure, it’s not Mount Panorama, but the changes in elevation and Zandvoort’s flowing nature make a great rhythm. HKS supercharged Honda S2000 S2K time attack greek PB motorsport Zandvoort

For Gavanos and the PB Motorsport Honda S2000, the track seems to work nicely with the car’s agility. The HKS supercharger seems to bring linear power to the platform and the end result at this event was a second place finish in Pro class. Since neither car nor driver had been to Zandvoort, that’s some kind of accomplishment.

The team struggled that April 2016 weekend with noise levels (See also: circuit’s proximity to beach resort) and brake problems. However, once they had it sorted, Gavanos ran a sterling 1:57.39.

The team continued to run the time-trial S2000 in time attack events across the continent in 2016. This year, the team revised the S2000 with a bright blue livery that is offset by serious aerodynamic upgrades. Those include a massive wing with a central support, wider fender flares, and little details like dive planes.

All of that has worked out to make a far more serious evolution of the PB Motorsport car. Bigger aero and bigger tires means smaller lap times this year. You can follow the team’s exploits on Facebook right here.

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