S2000s Attack An Extra Long Tunnel

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This uncorked S2000 screams down a tunnel for the hell of it. 

We should start this post with a disclaimer; do not drive like the guy in this video. Not only is this driver putting their lovely Honda at risk, but they’re also risking injuring themselves or others. That said, we’ve all been intoxicated by the exhaust scream, hitting the throttle a little too long in a tunnel before. If you can avoid it, maybe don’t swerve two lanes over without signaling, though. Or split in between two lanes when you’re following a couple of cars at a seriously close distance. That’s a dick move. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the video a bit.

First thing you’ll notice, this short video was filmed in gorgeous high definition clarity on a Russet Potato 200X Camera. This gives us a stunningly clear look at this S2000. Hell, you can barely tell if its an AP1 or AP2 this film is so pixellated. Furthermore, the video features zero information about the car itself (We’d really like to know which exhaust makes that car sing so loudly), or the tunnel in question. We don’t know where this takes place, which is upsetting because we’d like to take a trip to this tunnel, and give it a few ripping passes ourselves. For scientific purposes, of course.

It could be argued that an S2000 is the perfect tunnel car. For one thing, the engine note is spectacular and should be heard echoing off the sides of a tunnel wall for miles. For another, the top goes down (even if the featured car still has the top up), and that only adds to the effect. Next time you see a tunnel, downshift and go up and down the rev range a couple times. Just, you know, make sure the road ahead is clear first.

S2KI.com Honda S2000 Loud Exhaust Tunnel Run Video Sound

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