Tiff Needell Drives the S2000 for the First Time: Flashback Review

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Looking back at the late 90s is a lesson in fashion for us all and Tiff Needell reminds us of just how timelessly good looking the Honda S2000 is now.

In our modern age, we can travel back in time. No, not like Doc Brown in the Deloran, Back to the Future style. We can revisit an era in full color by using the videos from the past. Stepping into the past in a way history books could never imagine. The sites and sounds are right in front of us. Although the picture quality is not up to modern 4k standards. This opportunity to explore our past allows us to reveal our mistakes, hind sight is 20/20 as the saying goes.

honda s2000 silver

At the time of its release in 1999, the Honda S2000 was competing with the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3. Both of these German rivals featured larger six cylinder engines. They also had more polarizing styling. In this classic review of the S2000, Tiff Needel reviews the then new S2000. He criticizes the S2000 for being too conservative in its styling. As we now know the S2000 is still classically beautiful because of this reserved design. Today both of these German roadsters look old and frumpy compared to the taught lines of the Honda. So, what else can we learn from this classic?

Well, the fashion of the late 90s was bad, just look at the style of Tiff’s shirt. Now I am sure the style of the 2010’s will come back to haunt our future selves, but for now we can all enjoy our S2000s. Honda built an amazing sports car. One that almost 20 years later is still the benchmark for the small two seat roadster. Check out the video to see Tiff’s full review of the cheeky little Honda. Let us know what you think of how the S2000 has aged in the comments.

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