S2KI Forum Member S4Play is Building The Perfect S2000 CR

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The S2000 CR is the factory hardcore performance model, but what if that is not enough? One S2ki member is building his perfect S2000 CR.

The Honda S2000 CR or Club Racer is the ultimate in performance from the factory. It is the crown jewel atop the S2000 line and it is seriously cool. Honda engineers spent years of their lives tuning and tweaking the S2000 to get the maximum performance out of the chassis on track. The CR is meant to be a track toy for enjoying the S2000 at the limit on track. The model is a low-volume model with only 699 coming out of the factory. So, you would think the CR would be a set it and forget it model. Just buy it and drive it hard.

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As with any enthusiast sometimes we just want to customize and tune a car to fit our needs or style. They are people who keep their cars completely stock, saying the Honda engineers knew best and leave it all alone. Lets be honest if you are here you like to add your own style to your car. One S2000 owner is doing just that to a beautiful Berlina Black CR. Forum member S4Play who either really likes to play with his S2000 or is really into 4play, whatever that is. So, he is building his 5th S2000 and is starting with an awesome example. He is carrying over a lot of parts from a previous build and adding a lot of carbon fiber.

s2000 cr recaros

Our favorite part so far are the beautiful Recaro Pole Position seats. They have alcantara with contrasting yellow stitching. The seat are a requirement in order for him to fit comfortably in the car. He is tall(6’2″) and needs the lower seating position to see out the window. So, I know some of you may be upset because he is modifying such a rare car. As he points out he will be keeping all the stock parts and can return the car to stock at any time. So, check out the build thread and enjoy your S2000.

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