Honda S2000 Smokes 707-HP Hellcat & Company

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Turbocharged Honda S2000 goes on a killing spree, picking off its opponents on the tarmac one by one.

This video by turbo s2k is a “shorty but a goodie,” although we’re not talking about the actual length of the footage. We’re talking about the speed at which the featured Honda annihilates all of its opponents. Some of which pack supercharged V8s with more than 700 horsepower.

The 2006 Honda S2000 features an ILP Stage 2 turbo kit with a PTE6262bb turbocharger. According to the video’s description, it produces a whopping 407 horsepower at the wheels when running on E85. In addition, a modified fuel system including an aftermarket fuel rail and pump have been installed to feed the thirsty engine more efficiently. Honda S2000 S2K Ap2 Turbo roll race

The footage begins with the S2000 taking on a vintage truck, which of course didn’t stand a chance. Next up is a Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker which has been tuned and features drag radial tires. Stock, the Challenger pumps out a healthy 485 ponies. Next up is a sweet Honda Civic which has been turbocharged and pumps 16 psi, but even that wasn’t enough to beat the S2000.

The best race is the final race, where the powerful Honda goes head to head against a Challenger Hellcat, which produces 707 horsepower in stock form. While the race is in fact, extremely close, we think the S2000 took the win.

What about you?

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