Building a 550 Wheel Horsepower Supercharged S2000

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550 whp supercharged S2000

Building a supercharged S2000 with a bolt-on kit is an easy 400 horsepower. So, how do you get over 550 horsepower to the wheels?

The Honda S2000 and its FC20/22 motor is a stout little beast from the factory. Many owners have added superchargers or turbochargers without any major issues. They use bolt-on kits with supporting modifications with great success. The kits usually undergo testing and tuning from the companies selling the kit to make sure they are reliable. So, of course there are owner who are wanting more power. Building outside of the regular options can be a lot of trial and error. It can even end in blowing up a motor or two.

In this amazing build thread, forum user 06S2k07Si has been building his S2000 since well before the tread started in 2014. His original supercharger setup we running around 400 horsepower to the wheels. Over the past 3 years the build has been evolving into a beast. Just look at how clean the engine bay is and the numbers truly speak for themselves. His supercharged S2000 has a host of upgrades to reach the current 550 wheel horsepower. This includes running an E85 fuel system setup.

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Major time has been put into the piping and flow of air for the supercharger. The correct radius of the piping is bringing more airflow and results in more power. Packaging is usually the focus when designing a piping system. The S2000 has a good amount of room under the hood, since the engine is set for far back in the car. It seems with some time and engineering the proper setup was am to gain 4 psi of boost for the supercharger. The overall package is very clean and looks almost like a factory offering. So, check out the build to see the evolution of his supercharged S2000 over time. Let us know what you think of the build in the comments.

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