What’s Up in the Forums: AP2 Owner Seeks the Perfect Exhaust

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AP2 S2000

When you need an exhaust for your AP2 that’s just right, you ask the experts in the S2KI forums!

One of the first modifications any gearhead makes to their ride is an aftermarket exhaust. And the reasons why are obvious. After all, who wouldn’t want better sound and more power? But there are so many options out there for S2000 owners, how do you choose the right one? Well, you do like S2KI member and AP2 owner golfnutintib and head to the forums for advice!

“Asking for your recommendation for a ‘mature’ exhaust for my ’04 S2000. Key notes:

1. Powertrain is not otherwise modded, want to have dual tips for good looks.
2. California car, street car, need OEM cat to pass smog.
3. Not expecting any power gains (not so naive!).
4. Don’t want any appreciable drone/ricey/raspiness – prefer a bassy sound, fairly quiet when driving easy, sounds sporty when on the throttle.
5. While I don’t expect any performance gains, reducing some weight would be real nice.”

AP2 S2000

You’ve got to hand it to the OP, because this is someone who knows what they want. And it doesn’t take long before the recommendations begin to roll in.

“If you don’t have the coin for Mugen, then Tanabe Medallion Touring is right up your alley,” said the appropriately named Mugen_is_best.“I’ve owned both, and they are exactly what you are looking for. You will gain that low bass that you desire with the Tanabe and shed 10 lbs of weight. The Mugen further cuts down the bass and sheds even more weight.”

Many others, including s2000Junky, vote for Tanabe as well.

“Tanabe concept G. No drone. Great quality sound. Quiet while cruising, opens up under throttle, and gives a great note in the upper revs. It’s about the best all-around system for the car that keeps noise levels respectable but with no annoying drone. Looks great too. It’s often overlooked for some reason. I’ve been sporting one since it came out about 8-9 years ago. Always get compliments on it.”

AP2 S2000

A couple of other brands, including Amuse, make the cut, too.

“Mugen or Tanabe Concept G would best suit your requirements,” adds RolanTHUNDER.“There’s a quiet dual exhaust from Amuse as well. I believe it’s the Euro model. Look into that, if you’re willing to spend that much $. Fantastic brand though. Would love an R1 Titan for mine.”

So far, some excellent stuff for the OP to choose from. But we want to know what you recommend for the OP’s AP2! So head over here and chime in with your exhaust recommendations and help him make the right choice!

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