Obsessed Garage Contemplates Selling Their S2000 CR

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Obsessed Garage’s S2000 CR is damn near perfect as can be, but it could also find itself on the market soon.

We’ve been following Obsessed Garages S2000 CR build since Matt Moreman bought the car. Any CR (Club Racer) is special as there aren’t many around, but Moreman has also put an astonishing amount of time, attention and money into this one. When we say attention, it’s worth noting the name Obsessed Garage is not hyperbole. The extensive modifications and tuning are well documented to say the least. In fact, this is one of the few cars we could understand somebody not even inspecting before purchasing. We wouldn’t condone that, of course, but we would understand.

S2000 CR possibly for sale.

In this video Moreman recently posted, he uses his time washing the S2000 to talk through exactly where he is with the car. The reasons he gives for contemplating selling it add up and are very relatable. For most of us, owning a project we want to keep in good shape as well as a daily driver we want to maintain well is enough of a handful. If you add another family member’s car to the mix, then time and attention can become stretched.

Moreman is currently maintaining four cars. He has been building his idea of a dream garage, and filling it, for years. Between his current daily, the S2000, a Porsche GT3 RS and his wife’s car he’s running out of time to lavish the care and attention he wants on them. To some, four cars are manageable, but to the level of perfection Moreman seeks, something may have to give.

It also brings up the question of what you do when you’ve actually finished a dream build? We understand Moreman loves to drive, but we also suspect he also falls into the category of car enthusiast where the build journey is as important as the destination. If he does sell his S2000 CR, he can do so knowing that he’s preserved something amazing. While we aren’t fans of it, we understand the idea that you don’t necessarily own a car, you’re just looking after it for the next owner.

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