Track Built Honda S2000 is the Right Car For Many, Maybe Even You

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This track built S2000 doesn’t just look the part, it’s a true track day corner carver.

YouTuber, and S2KI forum member Zygrene got to take his friends track built 2001 S2000 out for a drive before it got sold. The first thing we noticed as the S2000 accelerates is that saucy exhaust note. The ferocious sound comes courtesy of a Tanabe exhaust system, but very little about the mods are about any kind of aesthetic. This S2000 is all about getting to the track legally, going fast, and being able to drive home again.

Track Built S2000 drive and review

The suspension is made up of a lot of non-stock components, starting with Sakebomb Garage-spec Öhlins dampers paired with Swift springs. As you would imagine, pretty much all the bushings have been up-rated as well as the camber rods and tie ends. The only OEM parts listed are the hubs, wheel bearings and knuckles. The front sway bar is an adjustable piece from Eibach, but curiously the rear isn’t listed.

The engine and transmission do have some solid miles on it, but it’s got some hefty upgrades to help make sure it can keep taking punishment at the track. The biggest mods being a KoyoRad Dual Core Radiator and a Setrab 9 row oil cooler to deal with the heat. The two-year build also includes going to town on safety gear.  The soft top is gone, and its replaced by a Seibon carbon fiber hardtop. Under that, sits a Ballade Sports roll bar. In fact, if you browse through the list you can see the owner is quite the fan of Ballade Sports.

To slow the car down effectively and safely, it uses BBK AP Racing front Calipers, and the rear is retrofitted for RX8 Calipers. After all, it wouldn’t be a proper track built S2000 if the brakes didn’t squeak all the way to and from the track.

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