S2000 Chases Civic Type R on Track (Video)

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It’s not that the Civic isn’t good, it’s more of a reminder of how good the S2000 was, and is.

Here are the basic facts: a guy in a 2007 Honda S2000 kept up with, and caught, a 2018 Honda Civic Type R on Road Atlanta. No turbo, no overly fancy engine build, just handling mods and the sorts of things you’d need to keep a car safe on track. Things like an upgraded braking system, oil cooler, etc, that make track driving more about fun and less about breaking stuff.

20-year-old racing driver, Jackie Ding, who runs a YouTube channel bearing his name posted this video we found recently. This is solid track-day stuff, and he’s even got his GoPro in a good location! Ding starts out the video explaining that the CTR is only running laps one-hundredth of a second faster than he is. The Civic is also apparently piloted by a professional racing instructor, and the build sheet is long. Suffice it to say, this Type R is far from stock but doesn’t appear to have any major engine modifications.

As expected, the turbocharged Civic walked away from the S2000 on the straightaways. However, Ding reeled him in when the track got twisty. For the first five turns, Ding sees a lot of the Civic’s rear bumper. Then when Road Atlanta straightens out the Civic pulls away steadily. What’s impressive, however, is the fact that Ding not only catches up but that he does so for nearly 3 laps. He’s driving pretty flat-out too, so there are a few “code brown” moments where things get a little loose. It’s an entertaining watch and certainly worth five and a half minutes.

Has anyone else tracked their S2000 or squared up with a Civic Type R? Join us in the forums and let us know!

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